Monster Perk Selection Screen


For anyone who missed it yesterday, we caught a glimpse of the monster perk selection. Hadn’t though of the increased eating speed but I bet it’s pretty useful when the hunters are hot on your trail.

Confirmed! 3 Playable Monsters at launch!

Pretty cool. I hope they focus on play style perks and not just random ones that seem cool. Also have to make sure no 2 perks are similar with 1 being the obvious choice if it’s better.


Looks like there will be a large selection of perks to choose from and just by the diversity we’ve seen between the monsters and hunters i doubt there will be perks that are too similar.


Yes that’s true, but we want to be sure that each one has a place in Evolve. Take league of Legends for example, there are summoner spells that you can choose before a match and you can choose between around 8 or so yet only half of them are ever used. With evolve I think it will be really similar or worse because in LoL there is multiple roles, but here there is just the monster.


Yea I played League competitively for 2 seasons (season 2 and 3) and while I did reach Gold 1, I hope the meta for Evolve never settles in like it did for League. Summoner Spells are a great example, you didn’t choose them based on your playstyle much, you played them based on what the meta told you was best.

It would be nice if no meta emerged for this game, like “take Hyde, Griffin, Bucket, and Val against Goliath” or something like that. Same goes for perks and for maps (like I hope there never becomes a specific route the monster always takes because it’s always the optimal path).


Fast eating is also a good Laz counter since he can’t revive a hunter that is in your belly!!!


True, but against experienced players i dont see this happen. Eating the hunter will only be affective if there are only 2 hunters left and i dont think the medic will be one of them cause everybody will first try to kill the medic, so i dont see the point of eating an hunter then. Unless its only like 1 second to eat him with the perk. I think the best thing to do will be: make the time to revive longer. Because the monster almost dont got a chance to eat a hunter atleast give him a chance to protect it.


Well if the hunters separate like they did in the interactive trailer, which the devs have said is a pretty good, common strategy) you could try and pick off the trapper and eat him before the rest of the hunters can arrive to save their downed teammate.


If splitting up really is a great tactic then i admit this perk will come in handy. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


I already imagine a perk for longer leap, or a reduced cooldown for it…
Or a perk for sneaky attacks power boost !.. °_°

And,… what does “no perk” give you ?


“No perk” I’m guessing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually, I’m gonna say it’s an XP multiplier. See the little star with the up arrows? Looks like a kinda boost which I think would be XP. Otherwise you would have absolutely no reason to pick it


I see, unless you can’t continue without selecting a perk so you just select “No perk”! But I guess we’ll hear from the devs about it soon! :smiley: But maybe you are right about the XP thingy!


Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure that monster in the faster feeding perk isn’t Goliath. It’s missing a tail and its legs are a lot thinner


Actually even the first picture doesn’t seem to represent the Goliath…
I think it’s a “monster silhouette” , simply.


I think the first one’s Goliath, I recognise his hand. My point is though, could that be a monster we don’t know about yet do you think?


I don’t think.
For me it’s rather the simplest picture of something representing a monster… and since Goliath has simple traits, yeah, it looks like him a little.

Also I believe the third monster would not be as similar as this to the Goliath…!


I think Plaff is on to something. Let’s think about it this way. We have one melee tank monster (as Goliath has been described on many occasions). And a flying ranged monster that likes to use repositioning. Would it be insane to think that silhouette represents a third monster, smaller but faster than the others as well as melee, because I doubt right off the bat they will have 2 range based monsters. If you notice the hair like spines on it’s back, I’m thinking it almost looks like a giant mole/shrew, and with them leaking the name Grounder at E3, is this crazy to think it could be real?


Noticed it has a pointed nose too. Goliath and Kraken certainly don’t have that. Maybe if it is the last monster is in fact Grounder, then it could use the nose to dig


But if so, then why would it have THAT specific Monster for selecting a perk when you’re playing as the Kraken?

I agree with @DarkThomy about it just being a generic Monster silhouette, though!