Monster peel? How can I get away when I am a priority target?

 TLDR: Should Jump jets recharge recharge in the air?

So, I had a hard time dodging and evading the Monster’s attacks. Not because I can’t dodge, but because Jump jet dodge uses a considerable amount of fuel (as it should) and I find myself empty in the worst of times. I start most engagements with full fuel, and

With the Monster able to outrun a Hunter all day, and Harpoons being the only means to force attention away from a Hunter, I find myself quickly out of fuel to dodge attacks and become a slow moving punching bag more often that I would have liked.

After much thought, I believe that the rule making jump jets only recharging once the player hits the ground is very limiting on the Hunter’s mobility in an extended engagement.

They don't need to recharge at 100% in the air, but 50% (or a refined number around 50%) I think would increase mobility considerably. 

I am unsure if this is a decision that would be put in for all Hunters. This could be found in the form of a buff or a perk to choose from.

I know that the current rules are in place for reasons. I do not want to propose a change that could be game breaking. However, I think this change will also give the Hunters a very balanced buff that does not change their DPS, Heath, and other stats, which on the whole are quite balanced.

The Hunter’s traversal speed will also not see much change, with exceptions to highly vertical maps where this change will be quite notable.

There will still be a need for jump jet management, and we will still see a gap between the good players and the novice players. I do think this will make the Hunters a little more competitive versus the Monster.



Personally I enjoyed the current implementation from the monster AND the hunter’s point of view.
I think there are a lot more evasion options than just air dodging, on top of class skills, and as people play more they’ll master them much quicker.

In general I think the main problem comes from people over relying on jetpacks to avoid damage instead of using the terrain itself.


Jetpack will be adjusted if needed.But i don’t think it needs at all.If someone is focusing you its about your team to save you.The whole game is whoever is being attacked gets the heals/shields.If it focuses the Medic,Support should shield him.If the monster changes target to support the support starts running until jet pack is over then going invisible.Then you run in the exact oposite direction of the Monster.Stay far away and bring ur shield out again to shield whoever is being focused.And it goes like this for ever

Meanwhile assault is doing damage and everyone who isn’t being focused.Also good Hunters have spread.Imagine 4 hunters in the opposite direction of each other.The monster would need to run for like 5 seconds before is even close to a hunter.


Playing mostly medic during the Alpha I feel your pain, the best thing to do is to use the environment to your advantage, stand on ledge and bait the monster into climbing up and boost left or right if the monster does a straight charge. Of course, if the monster really wants your blood, he will get it. But the trick is to stay on your feet long enough for your team to make an impact.


I played a pretty intense game as Laz where the Monster just went for me the entire time. we ended up losing, but I believe that the strategies I employed were fairly good.

Basically, I would try as hard as I could to put something between me and the monster. Whether it be distance, or an obstacle - anything to decrease his chances of hitting me with an ability. That being said, obviously Jetpack is extremely important in this tactic. I think that recharging in the air would be insanely overpowered, even at 50%. I think that instead, they should decrease the delay on recharging when you hit the ground. Currently, it takes quite some time to recharge after you’ve touched ground. Maybe in combat only, they should remove that time-to-recharge similar to how the Monster gains increased stamina regen in combat. Or something similar, like decreased fuel cost of air-dodging/flying while in-combat only.


Or maybe a perk that reduces this time to recharge delay?


One of the big things about being the primary target is to know where your allies are and where their traps are. If you can use your focus to keep the monster where you want him, and to move him somewhere hazardous to him, you can make him lose focus on you, or at least take enough damage for your allies to pick up the kill or scare him off.

Also, try and pick a decent place for your corpse. I, as a monster main, love it when they enemy hunter runs off the dam when they’re nearly dead. Their allies can’t get to them, and I am at least partially protected from line of sight. Try to die in a shallow trench if anything, where the monster will still be exposed if he camps your body, but where your allies will have at least a little protection from ranged abilities or charges when they are reviving you.


I’m over relying on the fact that Jetpacks kill you more than they save you.


Like… in real life…?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean here ^^;