Monster passive armor regen


It seems a little to strong for were it stands, its able to out regen the fire ticks of hyde/wasteland maggie if the monster just runs away. before the hunters even drop i’m able to have 5 full bars of armor (without a perk if there is even any) and i don’t even need to eat anymore, it offers little challenge to the monsters early game since we have no reason to worry about permanent HP damage. thats my opinion as a monster that has been playing since Alpha times


Another one.-. Like your other thread, the update literally just came out. If TRS gets data that shows it’s too strong over the next couple weeks, then they’ll adjust accordingly. I recall them saying things about having frequent updates, so look out for those too. :+1:


Just give it time. I haven’t picked up the new Evolve yet and I still think it’s a little too soon to make conclusions.