Monster Pack Tactics


So we know the monsters have been seen to move in groups. Simply put, how do you think different combinations of monsters would work together to tear apart hunter teams and Ebonstar bases?

Would Behemoth use rock wall and climb over it while a Wraith split out a decoy and came around the sides? Would Gorgon use web snare to trap hunters next to banshee mines?

This can be gameplay or lore based, with two monsters or all five (5 base monsters, adaptations are subspecies and you can use them too). I’m interested to see what tactics people can come up with for monsters working together. Specifically, I’m looking for multi-monster tactics for something I’m writing. Tactics suggested that I use will be credited to you. I intended to do that originally, but the number of off-topic responses proves that I need to bribe people outright to get actual suggestions.

EDIT: For the purpose of the thread, ignore their animosity and plan it like they work as a team. Massive amounts of monsters would definitely work as a war strategy, but just saying ‘throw more monsters at it until we win’ isn’t as interesting a strategy, so please keep it to ten or less monsters at once.


*all seven


That depends on if you want to discuss this based on lore or not.


In the way his sentence is structured it should say seven not five.


I said five because I was speaking from the base monsters. The adaptations are different yes, but they’re adaptations, not entirely separate monsters.


I just picture 20 Krakens all shooting Vortex’s at a base from half a mile away. :joy:


That’s called a natural disaster.


I’m just imagining Goliath Jesus
"He without sin, cast the first stone"
Then like 40 Goliaths start chucking rocks at a poor hunter.


That would be awesome


300 Goliaths.



Imagine next level castle sieges with an army of behemoth lava bombs It would be nuclear warfare at that point


80 gorgons and no more humans on shear ever


There was a video by somewhat awesome games on how bad it is when the game glitches and theres two gorgons at the same time versus the usual four hunters. they got destroyed really fast


doesn’t kala mention they all hate each other? i doubt they’d work together.


she does? I’ve never seen any mention of that.


i’m not 100% sure, hence the question mark. i just vaguely remember her saying something about it.


The Monsters most certainly do not hate each other.


ur right. they probably hang out after work time.


300 wraiths, with decoy and supernova… nuff said.[quote=“curly, post:16, topic:85334, full:true”]
i’m not 100% sure, hence the question mark. i just vaguely remember her saying something about it.

They don’t hate each other, but like Matthew said, they’re like a pack of feral dogs. There is a pecking order and they do fight from time to time but they’re easily resolved with their Alpha monster. In monster court.


thanks for the answer, i was sure i read something like that