Monster origins

I dunno if this theory was suggested yet, but here goes.

Based on one of Cabot’ quotes where he wonders about how Ebonstar got a hold of equipment to study/experiment on monsters so quickly after they appeared, and figures out it couldn’t have been done, I’d assume that it is most likely that these monsters were created by Ebonstar from the indigenous wildlife of Shear.

Goliath - heavily altered Reaver/Sloth hybrid.
Kraken - heavily altered Mammoth Bird/Harpie hybrid.
Wraith - heavily altered Blitz Leopard/Marsh Strider hybrid.
Behemoth - heavily altered Sloth/Megamouth hybrid.

That would explain why Ebonstar had the equipment to experiment on them, why they’re so different yet have similar characteristics(3 stages), how they suddenly appeared on Shear when they don’t seem to have any technology(especially space travel) and why they so relentlessly attack and destroy human built facilities despite having plenty of wildlife for food.

It’s not a hard guess that such biological weapons would be very tempting for Ebonstar.

Any thoughts?

While I think they are artifical, personally I don’t wan’t the monsters to be created by humans, it is a possibility though. Also the above wouldn’t explain Factor.

Ebonstar is a colony security force, the best of the best, employed to defend important colonies in the arm.

Doesn’t fit them.

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The hell it doesn’t. Settle a new colony, let loose some Goliaths/Krakens/Wraiths/Behemots into the nature and you got no need for security. As long as those monsters would be controlled by Ebonstar.

How can you explain how REKT they got by their own creations ?

If u read the evacuation screen thingy if u defend armory and or barracks, it says ‘‘with the armory secured on shear, ebonstar trains their soldiers against monsters and retrofits them with anti-behemoth weaponry’’, its something of this sorts.

In barracks it something like ‘‘blablabla bunch of ebonstars on the evac ship are ready to fight the monsters’’

And on wraith trap, which is basically the nail in the coffin, from desperation they caught a wraith and are trying to use her short-range teleportation thingy, which, if they made wraith they would already know how to.

Do you think leaders of multinational corporations tell every employee what they’re working on?

Probably an experiment that went out of control.

Wraith trap doesn’t disprove it. If the experiment went out of control very quickly, they probably had no time to develop and new tech from the monsters. Also, how do you think they trapped a Wraith? That thing fights until it dies and one of it’s abilities is blowing itself up. Would be hard to capture something like that. Perhaps it was even one of prototype Wraiths which did not have the Warp Blast ability, but were able to teleport themselves instead.

Thats easy to explain, that liquid inside the wraith chamber prevented its teleportation, obviously.

I am a firm believer of this theory, but I think you may be off on your creatures. The monsters are more like…

Goliath: Reavers. Tiny, fierce, and able to leap.

Kraken: Mammoth Birds. Flightless birds with electrical tentacles. Kraken technically doesn’t fly, he propels himself upwards with electrical energy.

Wraith: Phantoms. Smaller pair of arms that they hold themselves up on with larger wings over them, they are incredibly fast, stealthy, and THEY HAVE NO LEGS.

Behemoth: Obsidian Beetles. You ever seen an Obsidian Beetle, son? Look at Behemoth, and then look at this picture, and TELL ME Behemoth isn’t an Obsidian Beetle.

Actually, goliath shares more resemblance to a crowbill.

He does? Crowbills are fat, slow, and have mouths with three lip thingies. I personally think he’s more like a Reaver. And also, I just noticed something about saying that all these creatures became the monsters…

Every creature is pretty much the opposite in some since compared to the monster (besides Phantoms and the Wraith) if that makes any sense. Reavers are scrawny and weak, Goliath is buff an powerful. Mammoth Birds are flightless, and Kraken can fly WITHOUT wings. Obsidian Beetles are VERY small, and Behemoth is MASSIVE.

Ahem, look at a crowbill’s tail, and look at goliath’s tail.

If you have a picture of a Crowbill’s tail I’d be happy to check it out. I’m currently in a vehicle and don’t have my game, and I have yet to unlock a Crowbill in Hunter’s Quest.

There is a quote that the characters discuss Factor and how it was a “virus” that wiped the population, and then they begin to speculate about how the monsters might have been this “virus” so they could take over planets quickly.

So how does Factor uh…factor into this?

Nobody knows… However, factor may not be the first time they attacked either, as many planets apparently went dark like factor.

If you make something then the knowledge is yours. You wouldn’t need to recapture a wraith to study the abilities you gave it.

Also this isn’t their first attack as Maggie claimed to see behemoth on factor. It wouldn’t make sense for Ebon star to genetically create something with no killswitch.

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Well Maggie survived Factor and says it wasn’t the first time she has fought monsters, so it’s possible that the virus excuse was used to cover up the monsters.

Though the main problem with this theory for me is why make monsters that don’t have some form of kill switch?

Perhaps the company was too sure of it’s ability to contain what they create, hence no killswitch.

And you would need to recapture it. If you merge or alter lifeforms, you do not instantly know all about it. If the Wraiths started causing havoc before they were experimented on(which would probably take years) it would make sense that Ebonstar knows very little of them.

Otherwise, how do you explain that these monsters appear, and Ebonstar already has all the tech set up to deal with them in some way, mere days after they’re supposedly discovered. Doesn’t make much sense unless they knew about them. Maybe they didn’t directly create them, but they probably knew of them.

Just think of Alien 2. The corp knew aliens were there, and they established a colony of citizens and scientists there. Something like that might have been the case here. Perhaps not Ebonstar, but some other corporation. They are not good news, just think of Lazarus quote where he says that the Lazarus device is tied to his DNA to ‘protect the corporation that made it, because otherwise other corps might reverse engineer it’.

Hell, it might be the same corp that made Lazarus device that made these monsters. If they invented a device that revives dead people, alter lifeforms wouldn’t be too difficult.

As far as which monster relates to which creature, it’s not that important. There might be a combination of dozens of them or even other creatures that inhabit Shear of which we don’t know about yet.

Only time will tell I suppose.

So they sent them to factor from shear?

Maybe they tried to continue where they fucked up on Factor. And they just fucked up again.