Monster Origin Theories


One thing I absolutely love about Evolve is that there is no actual explanation to where the Monsters came from, leaving it to the imagination of the players. What are the theories that you’ve made up to explain the origin of the Monsters?

Mine is that they’re the ultimate plague. They’ve become so effective at spreading, consuming, and adapting that they’ve evolved to the point where they can successfully travel between dimensions and continue their rampage after the last universe has been consumed. They move from universe to universe, and after they’ve consumed every last lifeform in the respective universe they move on. And we’re next.

It’s likely the universe they came from is not their universe of origin, but was rather the last universe to fall victim to their slaughter.


They came here because we have Patterson tech. That’s what they want. Confirmed.


Oh my, can you link me to that theory?


Game Lore suggests they are beings existing in a different dimension and in a different state, that discovered Humanity when they started messing around with Patterson Tech. The Monsters don’t like them and want to eradicate Humanity and they use the Monsters to take form in our dimension, hence why they are so smart.

Some have compared it to the movie Pacific Rim in some ways.


The monsters are actually a bunch of college students in rubber suits who happen to be extremely dedicated to both pranks and furry roleplay.


Ehhh, Matthew said they would actually leave humans alone if we stayed out of their way.

Also, @LordTafurious You should do some reading. :slightly_smiling:


Here is a link to a very recent theory. It’s a long one, but worth looking at. It’s a very interesting read.


and let them take our stuff?

Heck No! We will fight to the death!!! :wink:


###You remembered!



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