Monster or Hunter favored?


Which are people saying is more favored on console, monster or Hunter?


Everywhere, console and Pc, the majority agree that this game is and will always be Hunter favored.


Thts wht I figured. I was never a very good monster to begin with lol, but it seems lately monster players have 0 chance to win, unless ur esl level. And even then it hella difficult


Hunter favored in Premade games Monster favored in puplic games


That’s sort of the point lol.

Communication + numbers = favored hunters

randies - communication + numbers = monster faceroll.


Currently the meta is hunter favored.
But stray away from it and you are in for a bad time as the game is balanced around the hunters having a support with shields.

You can’t look anyone in the eye and say that the hunters have the advantage when they have Bucket or Cabot which is half of the support pool. (Not counting Kala because it’s still to early to make any accurate veredicts on her.)


hunter definitely everywhere


Well that’s not a positive outlook :stuck_out_tongue:



The game will always be hunter favored for the better.

4 people working together should always overcome one person on their own.


If the game is forever Hunter favored and the teams are only getting better, honestly what is the point of playing as a monster?

And if there aren’t anymore monster players, what’s the point of being a Hunter?

I started out being all for this game, but lately I am just getting more and more angry when I play. I’m thinking about giving this game up all together


Ok so what’s the point of playing as a monster?


Monsters have the potential to out-play the hunters in a much larger degree than the hunters do.


Glorious battle that’s why.


Game is Hunter favored against premades, and pubs both if the pub consists of experienced players. The monster W/L ratios are skewed because of noob Hunter teams.


Not positive, but he’s not lying. If TRS were to try to make monsters on an even playing field then they would be blatantly OP. Soooooo having the meta favoring hunters is the lesser of the 2 evils. Sucks as a monster player :frowning:


I feel like it isn’t Monster favored nor in the hunters favor. There are alot of variables that go into my assumption. Maps, buffs, weather, wildlife.


Wait for it

Wait for it, im sure you wont see this coming.

Almost there



The VAST majority of the game is, IMO, pretty dang balanced. Its only a couple of specific hunter comps (or variations thereof) that truely have the favor in their balance, against MOST of the monsters.


Monsters like kraken are arguably strong enough to deal with these comps- And actually played at a high level, im going to go so far as to say the favor is actually on Krakens side. And emphasizing again, this is against the “top” meta comps- Let alone “lesser” comps.

So most of the hunter comps, against most of the hunters, are pretty dang good- Generally speaking, itll come down to the “better” side more often than not. A couple hunter comps do get the edge against most of the monsters however, which is of course EXACTLY what youll see more often than not in ranked- But on the FLIP side the strongest monster is more than strong enough to deal with these comps- Which again, is exactly what you also see in ranked. Seeing a non-kraken match at high silver/gold is rare, especially on PC unless you run into the likes of deanimate- Who is a sadomasochist and is one of the few regular “gold” tier monsters who runs Goliath nearly exclusively (I dont think ive ever run into him on anything BUT goliath)

Blah blah blah, imo, my 02 cents, blah blah blah.


I feel that the balance is in a pretty decent place as of now.


Severely hunter favoured, had been since tier 4. Unfortunately they are balancein the game using telemetry which means the game shall remain so for a long time and ppl will ein with hunters without using any skill which seems kinda backwards to me but whatever