Monster or adaption that can eat while being shot as a passive


maybe if a behemoth adaption exists you can armor him up and he will be able to eat while bullets flames fart gas hit him or a totally new monster that can have the same passive
which can maybe also work with TU9 laz changes aswell


I think a passive like this would be too strong. Kill a hunter then immediately eat them so Laz can’t revive them. I don’t think eating through damage would really be needed either with the armour regen changes coming in TU9. If you haven’t seen them then check out the tease topic here.

With that said none of us know all of the changes coming so I could be wrong about it being too strong. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m too tired to find a specific quote by the way. :smile:


yeah but theres crow


What the hell do I have to do with this?


Then you’d kill crow first (might be easier said than done after TU9 hits). :slight_smile:

Plus crow would be a must have against that monster. I think having specific counters isn’t a great idea. Every hunter should be viable in some way against every monster and vice versa. That’s what I think anyway.


A few things that come to mind that would be wrong with this:

This would be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to deny a monster from eating a wildlife buff and they just eat the whole thing in front of you. No chance for the hunters to even grab it, despite getting to the monster in time.

The armor you’re eating is partially going to go to waste with Hunters chipping away at it while you’re munching on the body. That said, with an armor pool near full, you’d be gaining free evolve meter and the hunters would be unable to stop that progression.

Edit: Oh, and once new players learn that you can stop a monster from feeding, then face a monster that completely ignores that aspect, it could be really irritating / confusing / unfun.

I think Jedi_Warrior made a good point about the armor changes in TU9, as well. As long as you can break LOS for several seconds, you’ll quickly start regenerating armor; no feeding necessary.


yeah but down health increase plus youll take a lot more damage if you camp


so monsters cant deny a buff to hunters in combat maybe he wpuld get reduced armor if eating whil being shot plus the eat animation has to happen


and possibly no evolve bar increase if eating while being shot



This will be a hard counter to Laz. Behemoth is already enough of a counter to Laz.



My first thought was that in a dome with lots of food you would just be gaining armor as fast as they could take it so you would take little to no damage and get evolve ready. Effectively trivializing the whole thing and make doming the monster pointless and a waste of time.


but behemoth is the weakest monster


He doesn’t seem like it to me. He seems pretty powerful IMO.


Basically renders Cabot and Laz useless…


Would I be wrong in assuming you play on a console?


Laz useless? Sign me up!


I play on PS4.


Didn’t the devs say that you can’t revive dead bodies after Tu9?


You can revive dead Hunters, but they will still receive a strike.


Aah ok, must’ve read it wrong XD.