Monster OP? Lets talk new Hunters


I’ll start by saying that yes there is the possibility that the Monsters are a bit on the up swing in balance right now. But guys and gals…the game came back out yesterday…there is a BETA watermark at the bottom of the screen. Give it more then a day…give it more then a week before you start complaining about OP and UP. And if you do really feel the need to say that don’t just say “This is OP, enough said.” or anything simple like that. Explain why you think something is OP or UP, problems can not be fixed when someone sounds like a spoiled ten year old.

A LOT of players, espicially returning players, have put HUNDREDS of hours into this game. Oh godly amounts of time learning all the little details of the maps, the Hunters and the Monsters. They have learned the best places to ambush, or which shortcuts work best, or where the largest amount of wildlife is, or where the buffs are, or where you can and can not go.

I’m a vet of this game, I put in well over 500 hours in this game before I gave up because of frustration. And I have not lost a single match playing as either Hunter or Monster against anyone that just picked up the game. Yes I’m talking about you new players and those so called vets that may have played the old version a little.

This is what happened last time in this games history. Lazy Hunters that didn’t want to take time to learn started crying about OP Monsters. And by the time they realized that the Hunters actually had a chance before hand, the monsters have been nerfed down to oversized teddy bears. And then the Monster players started crying and the nerf swing went the other way. And then it went back and forth over and over until the game became a unbalanced mess and no longer became fun.

So save the crying, save the OP this and UP that and for god sakes actually explain your complaints out in more then a single sentence.


Cough. Cough cough.


These things have changed but you’re right people have learned who to target when to target what places make good ambushes what places make bad fighting spots for hunters or for monsters. They’ve learned to target the weak links and to figure out who the weak link is.


I actually love a lot of the changes to the maps that they did. Alot less cheesy hidding spots and more room to move where needed.