Monster Nerf List


Dear TRS,

Here are the monsters who need to get nerfed into oblivion ASAP.


  • Gorgon
  • Elder Kraken

Gorgon is not fun to play against at all. Acid Spit does too much damage and so does Spider Trap. The Spider Trap has so much health that only an Assault can break it in a reasonable time.
Elder Kraken has the same problem normal Kraken had, ability stacking. Elder can stack 3 abilities on top of eachother to ‘‘one shot’’ any hunter in the game. With reduced shields from Hank, there’s no way to save a teammate from all this damage.

Fix these two monsters and the game will be a lot more fun to play with.


The Evolve community


The elder Kraken doesn’t need nerfs, the hunters need to be able to dodge otherwise the EK will just wipe them, its the same with the Kraken. I also don’t agree with the gorgon’s Acid Spit doing a too much damage and the spider trap doesn’t do as much damage as you think, and its easily avoidable, the Gorgon is all about not trying to fight directly but to kite the hunters and do damage while avoiding them, and acid spray’s damage out put is a good way to zone the hunters from using an aspect of the environment, such as a high ledge, to their advantage by spraying the ledge with acid.


Unfortunately Elder Kraken doesn’t seem to have any cooldowns. The first Death Spiral has barely disappeared and the next one is already being thrown out.


Perhaps you’ve encountered a bug?


Not a bug, that’s just how Elder Kraken is. Which is weird because before the update Elder was completely fine and so was Gorgon.


I agree about kelder cd on death spiral. Using 12% cd reduction perk lets just a pause of 1 second to recast death spiral.
Edit: to fix it make the cd start when the death spiral expires


I’m glad you noticed it as well. Hopefully Elder and Gorgon get nerfed quickly or else we will see a repeat of what happened to Evolve at release.


Gorgon seems fine to me, at most, i think that actually mimic is a bit weak instead. It doesn’t deal much damage and they should tweak the explosion. Before update you could see the area of explosion for half a second, while instead if mimic got destroyed, your pov got brought immediately to you. So i don’t actually know now if my mimic hit or got destroyed.


I think if anything Elder Kraken is in the slightly below average. His death spiral damage is super laughable. He did get buffed in that his Arc Lightning is MUCH better than before, but he’s still a little too fragile for how close he needs to be.


It’s still useless if you even barely move though :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but for new people, seeing almost 2 death spirals at the same time might scare them a lot and make them waste precious jetpack charges. A little nerf to cd of death spiral should be just fine for new players.


Balance should NEVER be pigeon holed based on perception. It’s because most people are new that there are so many UP/OP topics to begin with. If people can’t figure things out for themselves, you shouldn’t balance around them.


A lot of the times I don’t even try to walk out of the death spiral and just keep shooting :stuck_out_tongue:


But i remember like balance situations for Behemoth time ago where it was a pubstomper but useless on high skill level… isn’t this the same problematic?


MaddCow in the death spiral lel


No, because Death Spiral isn’t even strong. If it was strong AND perceived to be an issue, yes. But if someone thinks something is strong but it isn’t, then no. Death Spiral is good for farming food and that is it atm. It would be different if Death Spiral was an actual threat imo, which it isn’t.


It’d be useless even if it did more damage. Kelder has no way to keep you inside of it which is why imo he’ll always be a terrible monster pick. He has two good skills chain lightning and banshee missile. The other two are simply way too easy to play around.


Lightning isn’t too bad, but ya, Elder Kraken and Behemoth are the below average monster picks atm. Behemoth much more so just because his traversal simply doesn’t work with the current feeding meta.


Did kelder get hit with the nerf hammer for stage 2?

2 days ago I put three points into death spiral stage one, waited at the drop ship, used the ability 3 times and killed everyone but assault.