Monster Nat Geo Documentary


Its simple, make a narrative similar to what you see on animal documentaries, except make your narration based off one of the monsters! I’ll start

Here we see the wild Goliath in its unnatural habitat… The Goliath was once believed by the native people of Shear to be a fallen demigod, descended from Jupiter after having lain with the warmth of the sun… Truly a remarkable abomination however, the Goliath is not fully understood as to where it truly came from.

Here we see the mighty goliath feasting on a megamouth toad, the frog is usually highly venomous to other predators but due to the fact Goliath is a walking furnace it can quickly break down the toxins and nutrients needed to build armor to its skin… And evolve

A true rare sight to see! The Goliath is now powerlifting boulders, meaning it is now looking for a mate, wait… Nope it just smashed a mammoth bird with it… Hmm awkward

Titan's Feedback on Tier 4 Patch

And then it notices the human filming
Fudge was made


That’s why we use buckets UAV now ^.^


I remember seeing somewhere a video involving some guys doing celebrity impressions playing evolve. One was doing Morgan Freeman playing the monster. Up until the hunters arrived he was pretending to narrate a documentary about the monster.


I need to see this lol


Pretty sure this is one of the things I’m banned from doing… ESPECIALLY with Bucket! :laughing:


Dang, now I wanna make a machinima like this.

“In this episode of Milky Way Geographic, we visit Shear, where we study four of the most dangerous wildlife yet discovered by man.”

I REALLY wanna read that into a microphone.


Please do I love true machinima


Machinima, either a David Attenborough or Steve Irwin voice. Did Yea see that tyrant, CRICKEY WHAT A BEAUTY.


Until Kraken stung him, too soon?


Lol you can totally do this with observer mode on now.


For fun, I recorded that first line. I really like the idea here for a short comedy series, but fuck, I don’t think I’ve got the vocal range (or perhaps the writing chops) to really sell this one.


Won’t play, YouTube it?


Hahaha, nice voice man, that would make it for quite the documentary, now you just need a person doing observer mode in the same game, and a monster player, and an editor, and there you go xD


I read that in Attenborough’s voice :smile:


Ah, the mating dance of the Goliath. Next he will set himself on fire, climb a tall rock and scream non-stop until he finds his soulmate.

@stumondo I think most of us did. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me, will Belle Be yours? :stuck_out_tongue:
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If you listen carefully, you will hear the Behemoth has learned to mimic the sounds of a Megamouth in heat. Since arriving on Shear. As potential mates approach, he picks out the largest and tastiest, which he then pounces and proceeds to eat the entrails.

In an absurd twist of events, the remaining Megamouth, now revering their new found God, begin to bow at his feet, and await his command.

The Behemoth devours them all, chuckling to himself as the Megamouths cry for absolution.

That got away from me there…


Of course her and every other woman. Do you know why?.. because
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Except strippers?