Monster naming ceremony


Before the behemoth came out i remember a poll being held to name the big guy. I was wondering if this will be repeated for other monsters. I do love teasers but it would be awesome if we could get just the teaser and the name and not see anything about skills or what he really looks like until the day hes released. Itll build up the hype and make everyone want to play it to see what kind of adventure it will be to play.


It’ll be very interesting, to say the least.


And then the members of the community that voted on any other name than the one that won just call it Jeff and it spread as wildfire. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I vote for Chimera!!


A chimera would be an amazing monster in this game.

But I do have to say we would need to at least see an image and likely a size comparison to have any sort of idea what to name it


Yeah being able to name it well without getting too many spoilers to give you a surprise when you pick up the controller would be tough to do.