Monster Mutations and Hunter Gear


I think in the far future, it would be cool to introduce a new customization feature to the game in the form of swappable gear (for hunters) and mutations (for monsters).

Hunter gear would take the form of different, swappable pieces of armor that you could mix and match on each hunter. Much like the armor customization from Halo, gear could range between new armor, helmets, beards, etc.

Monster mutations would allow players to customize different heads, body parts, and skins. Allowing players to create almost-new creatures to spice up the monster experience.

What do you all think? I’d like to get a lot of support (beit community or developer) for this idea.

Please Please PLEASE Think on This

YESSSSS give this all the likes


An awesome idea and something i would be paying money for. I think that the skins as payed DLC is ok. But not skins on only weapons. Customizable gear both appearance and skins sounds awesome.


This is actually what the original idea for the game was - Hunters had loadouts and Monsters had different body parts based on which abilities they chose. A lot of the info is in here:

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That would be cool, if it were free.

I can’t get behind paying for the ability to customize.



Holy wow would that be cool. I haven’t bought any skins yet, but if I could full out buy like, a different back for Goliath, or different wings for Kraken, or the like, I absolutely would. There would be problems - things like people min/maxing to make the smallest body with the smallest hit-boxes - but if done well, this would be so, so cool.


Glad this got a few hits.

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I agree, this needs looked at.

@MidnightRoses Your opinion on swapable mutations/gear looks?


I really like it. Adds some much needed customization.


If TRS implemented this, saving would become very difficult


Also, i really like the double crested head in that Goliath concept art. The possibility of playing as Mutavore would make my heart sing


I know originally the customization was to reflect different monster abilities, but I think just making it purely cosmetic would be awesome. You could make the changes in the same menu you change your badge. Each character would maintain his/her identity, they would just have some personalization, some could be unlockable through gameplay, and some could be purchaseable.