Monster Munchies Hallelujah


So nice having Stage 2 out thanks TRS, just wish it was on console lol… Not gonna make a complaint on that, it’s fun with PC at the moment, just can barely run it. Will be majorly streaming when it comes to PS4, but sadly my computer can’t do both… If anyone knows how to work OBS, would love to figure out why it keeps freezing but this computer’s 6 years old I’m on the lowest settings as is :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, it is great to be back in the community, was streaming on PS4 as Monster Munchies nightly, will be doing so after Stage 2 PS4 but I guess until then I have to take a break for twitch.


Have you tried Xsplit instead of obs?


I haven’t no, I’ll try that, thanks.


Yep no dice mountain, xsplit streams at 240p, I’m on mimimal graphics now but still get a massive fps drop right at the start of a match can’t flee at the start so get domed right at the beginning.


Dang, well @MaddCow uses OBS he may be able to help.


OBS has a lot of great options, but streaming and playing the game is taxing. I have to output my stream less than 1080p even though my game is in 1080p just fine. It’s fairly taxing for resources.


Yeah I can run it, just sad I can’t stream while it’s getting popular, I would have loved the exposure for my favorite game. :frowning: I do hope it’s not too saturated on twitch before it comes to console.


Ya, I’m thinking about getting a 2nd computer just to record and process my stream.


Lol can’t afford that here at all otherwise I wouldn’t be using a ddr2 computer still.


Either way thanks for your time MaddCow, gonna go back to at least playing lol.