Monster Movies Till Launch!


So I am going to do a bit of a marathon of sorts until Evolve launches.

I was thinking of classic monster and new monster movies…

Pacific Rim
Big Ass Spider
The Host
Jurassic Park
Eight Legged Freaks
At least one Alien film

Anyone else got some ideas to throw on here?


There seems to be a lot of Jurassic Park style themes going on in the game.


That could work…


Has anyone seen Super 8? Think it might work?

I honestly haven’t seen that one, so I can’t tell if it’s about the army trying to kill the alien in town, or if it’s going to be like 95% about the kids in it and nothing else until near the end lol.


I remember enjoying it kinda… I think it’s inbetween when it comes to the people and the alien etc But since the main characters are human so ur gonna see a lot of em


I just saw a trailer for Cloverfield that is going in I think.


I saw that Mothra was up on Crackle the other day, so that’s… free? ;p


“The Host” has my interest…


Tentacles, eh?


Oh God, no, not that again! o.o


I don’t know what you mean. Tentacles are reminiscent of Kraken, which brings in the Evolve-feels.

Kids these days.


Dunno I haven’t seen the host, but the trailer looked cool


I like Goliath so I think Godzilla is going to be my go to monster. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Goliath’s spikes glowed like Godzilla’s in stage 3 with maxed out fire breath.


Yes. We need this. Devs, we know you’re busy and all, but before you start working on anything else, please make Goliath’s spines glow during fire-breath.


Wes Craven’s the thing is good if your looking for monster horror


I couldn’t help but notice that Monsters Inc. and Monsters University weren’t on this list :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and Eight Legged Freaks! why have a movie about just one or two monsters when you can have a comedy about a whole cluster of giant spiders attacking a town


I actually plan watching The relic the night before the release


But you need to save your energy for Evolve!


I got it retail so It won’t be at my store until 10:30. I’ll turn the movie on around 12:15 it should end before two me and my daughter will sleep through the night because for some odd reason movies drain us wake up at 9:00 get washed breakfast leave out by 10:20 and arrive at gamestop by 10:30


Got it all figured out, huh? We have had a year to plan it tough. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: