Monster mind control? + Gamemode idea


So as I was on the Evolve website, I noticed the new infographic for Crow. And it turns out that Gobi is controlled by a brain wave thing. So that got me thinking about wildlife being controlled. Then I thought about monsters!

I thought up an idea that me and my friends think is awesome:

So a weak monster is chased and captured. As it is confined in a cage, the brain wave helmet (or whatever it is) is strapped on. They feed it and give it protection, like armor and such. Then all 4 of them and the monster go out into the makeshift battle arena. Another team has done the same. Then the fight begins! Eight (or more) humans with badass weapons, and two armored up monsters fight one another for the entertainment of a crowd!

This could allow you to actually customize your monster with armor, and the same with humans and their weapons.

We think that this gamemode could create ENDLESS fun, and ENDLESS carnage!!


Wait, you are telling me Crow and Gobi are not BFFs that developed an indestructable bond of friendship?


Yep. Go to the website and look for yourself…


That ould be awsome and it would make a new gamemode of 5v5 xD


This was my reaction when I first heard this.


They said they’d never do something like this but i like that first half. What in the wraith trap the wraith controlled wildlife and sent it in to attack hunters or a new monster could temporarily control a hunter? Maybe 5 minions with a hotswap? None of this will ever be implemented but it’d be cool.


Why wouldnt they?


They said never more than 1 monster and never more than 4 hunters. They previously said it couldn’t handle two monsters, but a glitch proved that false. There’s a thread around here somewhere about that; two wraiths.


So… It WOULD work?


Yes, but they still won’t do it. Promised they wouldn’t.