Monster Main Looking for competative Team [PC]

Hi all I am looking for a group of hunters to make a competitive Evolve Team to play in tournaments. I’m really enjoying the game and I’m rather competitive so would like to find a team of like minded people who want to help each other improve, enter tournaments and have a positive attitude. If anyone is interested let me know :).

I would like a team that could practice in the week as I am on most week nights more specifically Mon Wed Fri but sometime on Tue and Thursday. And a team of English speakers preferably so that we can discuss tactics etc (as I only speak English :stuck_out_tongue: )

hey im down to find a team or friends in game also, i main support, medic and assault. i do play all roles though. hit me up steam name is nembar

Whats up man I main with Hank currently #297 but moving forward hit me up with a friend request

Hey my main is trapper and hit me up with a friend request

oh and my main is abe

hey im a hank and cabot main looking for a serious team, i played in CHappie Challenge on the XBONE made it 1 round in then lost. Looking to do more with PC, serious player looking fro some serious other players. My Steam is BunnyFooFoo or

if you’re still looking for a team, bold elf, send me a pm

Yo Guys will hit you all up later tonight I think I might have a team sorted however not sure if some are still up for tournaments and practice so will confirm later when I have spoken to them but we might be looking at a trapper as not sure if our current one has the time for events will update you all soon and just in case I do would any of you guys be up for practicing Monday Wednesday and Friday 9pm-11pm GMT? let me know :slight_smile:

My Team is Currently looking for a new Medic and possibly a new trapper so @chromeblazer I might be adding you for some practice with us soon :slight_smile:

Yoyo. I was ranked #123 globally last wednesday before i left for vacation to cali. And that was also after buying the game 3 days after release and 50 hours played (i did play a lot of the beta before). I used to play cal-main for cs 1.3-1.5 back in the day. Played competitively in l4d and dota as well. All i can think about in my spare time out here is evolve and checking these forums. I will be back home this Friday late at night.

I run with a group of friends at night and we have a 80-90% win ratio. We got our respective roles to top 20-40s before i left… And thats after we only started playing our respective roles 5 days after the game was released. I believe i am 85-9 overall with all monsters (maining goliath mostly just because i find him the most challenging and rewarding to play). Half those losses came due to joining midway through game with less then a 1/3 hp. I never quit to protect my stats.

My boys that i run with are only on for a couple hours a night and i dont know how serious they are competitively because i used to run l4d with them and they never got into that competitively. Although they are now ranked top 15 globally in their roles. And my other high level friends are still playing l4d, cs, or dota… Wont try out evolve yet.

So, If you guys are serious hardcore gamers I would be interested in running with you for competitive play. Im really looking to play with elite level players. I main medic/trapper, and prefer those roles but i can play anything else too. I main goliath as monster but am adept with the other monsters as well. Hit me up. My steam handle is Trac3r.

I added you on Steam I think :slight_smile: and we are looking for a new trapper possibly medic I am useually on every night when I am not spending time with my girlfriend :slight_smile: which is mainly weekends but we are trying to set up practice for 9-11 GMT might be abit earlier for some of the hunters but yeah we will get some games in see if you get on with the guys and want to play with us and go from there :slight_smile:

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You may be interested in this, if you’re still looking for a team:


Ex pro CS 1.6 in-game caller here. Also played left 4 dead professionally for Reason Gaming for a long time, and called in-game for the team as well.

Play Evolve semi-seriously. Still waiting for the community to decide on a competitive scene.

Play all roles. Top 10 ranked in both alpha and beta in 3 of the 4 hunter roles. Top 150 in Goliath and kraken. Haven’t put a ton of time onto final release.

Willing to practice with a team to see where they are skill wise, knowledge of the game, and communication. Can call in-game at a high level.