Monster Losing Abilities Stage 3 Evolve PS4


Last night on 3 seperate games I evolved with Kraken and Goliah. The game showed I had 4 skill points to spend instead of 3 and when I reached stage 3 I tried to use them. I lost all my abilities and had melee only. Has anyone else had this happen and what could be the cause or issue? I was unable to use any powers whatsoever after this.

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)
Stage 3 all abilities gone

You’re a bad boy for trying to spend that last skill point you cheater!!!..

Jokes… but seriously, that sounds like a shitty bug to encounter. Haven’t heard of this one before yet though.

You should try posting it in one of the popular bugs threads.


This happened to me in the beta. NOT a good feeling when the dome just came down lol I quit because thats no fun


Hahaha, I didn’t really care if I had that last skill point or not but I couldn’t finish evolving until i spent the additional point. Every time this happened I lost my abilities and was basically grounded. I knew the last match when i saw that extra point that i was about to lose abilities. Which do you recommend me posting in and thanks?


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if it happens again. apply 3 points. then press undo changes. it should go back to 3 points and you can use them. thats what i did in the beta


Thanks I’ll try that tonight, i hope it was a rare occurrence but it happened 3 out of 5 matches yesterday so I’m afraid it may not be.


Didn’t have any issues last night maybe i just needed a good disconnect and reconnect from the server. Tried 4 matches and worked fine.