Monster Looking For ESL Tournament Group ( Xbox One )


I’m starting to build a new team up for ESL Tourney play in Evolve, and so far I have a team consisting of a Trapper ( Griffin ) and Support ( ? ), so we need an Assault and Medic.

I play as Goliath, and used to be #60 ranked, until I began playing Assault for the past two weeks, but now I went back to focusing Monster. We can play a few custom games with the team to get a feel on each other, see if you feel confident in my gameplay, as we do with yours.

Send me a Message, GT is Kawaii Dumpling. If you’re serious about playing Evolve, and you KNOW the class you play as, then please send a message.


I’m assuming you’re on Xbox One? You could change the title to make it easier for Xbox players to identify you.


Yeah, I just changed it. My bad.


I’m interested in the assault position but just asking what region you are as I’m Europe so if your US or something it may be difficult, many thanks :smiley:


I’ll join as medic, I main Laz.
Ign is Azurand, feel free to add me.


I’m in the US D:


I can be a US Assault


Add me then, we’ll talk in a Party.


I play Caira very well. And im in the US
I would love to try out for the position.
GT DesertPunkFTW90


I’ve already got a Medic now D:


Its a medic off!!!


That’s a shame cause I have Val and LAZ 3 star mastery. 1 star on Caira. Tis a shame… oh well keep me posted If it doesn’t work out.


Tis a shame


When is the next ESL north america tourney?


There’s multiple dates for the Challonge ones, you’d have to check yourself. But their very soon, that’s all I know. I think starting next week?


Anyone need a support in Europe?

Add me on XBL - Mr Giganto