Monster just dissappeared


2nd game since release dlc , the monster is just gone. Been standing still last 15 minutes … No tracks , no birds , no evolving … The monster is just gone … This a new bug?


Are you playing as Hunter?




Had this happen to me before the dlc was released, from the games I’ve played it’s really rare for it to happen, so I guess it isn’t a major problem right now.


Right, just wanted to check you didn’t mean that you were having an invisible Monster glitch.
Did you leave the game after the 15 minutes?


I’ve had this happen once on PC as a hunter vs an AI monster online on the Aviary map, seems like a pretty rare bug.
The one time it did happen to me was when it seemed like the monster was almost wedged between the dome barrier and a rock (I know for sure it was in the dome (thunderdome medal), and for sure where it was, but we didn’t have eyes on where it was behind the rock wall and it just vanished into oblivion back there, we spent the rest of the map each of us in four different corners and the monster never appeared.


No … Won the game by timer … Never saw or heard the monster again…


I’ve seen this too, first match of a solo Evacuation campaign on Dam.


It’s entirely possible the Monster was being a giant coward, just hiding in a bush the entire game.
Though it’s more likely it’s a very rare glitch.

@Feroi the bot Monsters do occasionally have a habit of not showing at all during the match, its happened to me once or twice before.


Well i ran around and used Gobi a 100 times , couldnt pick it ip … It was Ai and i had two strikes … Just seems weird he’d go coward.
Was just afraid this was caused by the dlc or balance changes or whatever…
‘Happy’ it occured before too…


i fought agaist a ai monster and it would turn invisble and visble over and over and could still attack us while still invisble