Monster join in progress - loss


Are we supposed to get a loss when joining monster mid game? I ask because I recently got my first and second losses as a monster when I was forced into game in progress. Because it was my 5th choice at the time coupled with posts I have seen where you will not get a loss joining mid game, I decided to fight at stage 1 without using abilities (suicide). I assumed only the winning team gets credit. Now when I look leader board it appers I recieved losses for both games I did this in. Should this be the case? Do I need to let the bot finish the game next time? Also not sure it matters but this was on ps4. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.


I believe you can’t get a loss if you stay. But if you leave, you get a loss?

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You will get a death, but should not get a loss.


Doh! I looked in the death column assuming death=loss. Thanks for the prompt response.


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