Monster is too powerful compared to hunters


It’s not necessarily its strength, that is fine. It is everything else. It is too fast so why give it a movement speed buff in the wildlife. It has very little risk. If the hunters make a slight mistake its over for them, if the monster does it’s just like oh well, I’ll just tank all the damage/run away/decoy. And the speed it evolves seems too fast for hunters to deal with. Jetpacks need a buff I think.

I have heard streamers say monster is not too strong because when I play with the Devs we destroy it. Not everyone is a dev, that isn’t a reason to why the monster isn’t too strong.

That’s just my opinion, still love the game though.


Err, if anything a quality group of hunters has a significant advantage over the Monster. Hunters have a higher winrate over monsters on almost every mode.


I cant really say I agree…the monster if pressured properly has a very difficult task ahead of him/her. If the medic knows what a tranq dart is…well they are in trouble!!


Sounds to me that you’ve been planing vs wraith, in which case I agree and issue is known. vs other monsters your impressions don’t hold up tho. Keep playing youll figure it out! :smile:


Not on XBox one, monsters have a crazy winrate. But maybe you’re right, I guess it could just be tilt. Still think jetpacks need a buff though

EDIT: Also the beta seems to throw me in with bots a lot of the time, I assume thats just because it is a beta, so that does play a heavy factor.


It’s the player, not the monster and a friend and I played a lot of the beta and he was sitting at number one on the leaderboards with parnell and we’d find people in under two minutes sometimes and it would be a quick match, but sometimes it’d go until the timer displayed. We’ve fought and killed everything, even the third stage wraith, that op mothertrucker that he is. We did it through cunning, communication, and steel! Battle is our nation!


Hunters lose because they lack awarness aren’t using there class correctly and generaly make stupid moves

All of my games i have been losing are because markovs are not using mines
People are not reviving
there not bring survivors to the evac
people aren’t there right away to fight the monster

And because of how matchmaking works
1 loss will spiral you into a streak on constants loosing


Its true. Goliath(charge and jump attack give even more mobility if used) and Wraith are too fast for the hunters to ever catch up if played well. All the monsters I loose against used their mobility advantage and just ran from the hunters until they hit Stage 3. The hunters never stood a chance to catch up. And then even if you melt them at Stage 3 they run (again without any hope for you catching up) and feed back up, while the hunters suffer strikes every encounter. Really love the game but I think the jetpacks require a serious buff, for example that wall-climbing doesnt swallow any fuel…

Even with a good Val its impossible to keep up with a good Goliath or Wraith. The Kraken can actually be immobilzed qutie well, Goliath and Warith only by arenas…


This is how I’ve always thought about it. So in a fair fight of comparable skill.

Stage 1 monster = 2 hunters
Stage 2 monster = 4 hunters
Stage 3 monster = 6 hunters

So be sure to improve your skill and not fight fair.


That very much depends. For a monster, a slight mistake at the right time can mean it’s all over for it, at least for beginning players.

When I was playing in the Beta, the first thing I always looked for, right as we were exiting the dropship, was scare birds. If the monster had sent those up, then there was about an 80% chance that we would win in less than three minutes. It just made it very easy to get up to them and dome them while they were Stage 1 with very little armour. That’s a trivial mistake, but it has huge consequences. There are other goofs the monster can make that do just as badly for it.

The thing is, Hunters have to work together. They all have to be pulling their weight, or else you’re at a disadvantage. The counterbalance to that is that when you do all know what you’re doing, then you have numbers on your side. Like everything in the game, for hunters and monsters, it’s a learning curve.


It sounds harsh and cliché, but you have to learn to play Hunter to beat the monster. If you just chase it without cutting it and you generally just wander around aimlessly, your hunter team won’t make it. Also the hunterteam follow the rule about the chain is only so strong as the weakest link. If you have one slacker in your team, he can very well be responsible for your demise, maybe you were this slacker by yourself sometimes.

Good thing if you get better with hunter you also get matched with better hunters, if you play random match. If everyone knows ‘How 2 Team’ and their role, knows how to save up jetpack, how to avoid damage alltogether, do damage efficiently and most importantly how to corner and trap the monster. This is something which comes over time and takes a lil bit. Teamplay requires trust, that they do the right thing in the right moment, you just can’t expect this kind of synergy from complete strangers or newbies to the game.

The monster is one player, it doesn’t depend on teamwork and has superior power by design. You can also allow yourself more mistakes as monster, for instance when you only work with your armor and manage to escape.

Even Maniacsquirell (a dev streamer) said on his stream that this is a case of ‘l2p’ as harsh as it sounds, but that doesn’t mean that they will oil the wheels until release and make everyone happy, the pros and the casuals. This split can prove difficult nowadays, as both groups have different expectations from the game.