Monster is too hard and depressing


I’ve played both goliaths and gorgon and I have to say I give up, with win rate of less than 20% and 10% with gorgon I just can’t win, even at stage 3 with 2 strikes on every hunter I get outmatched every time, and if I get domed in stage one it’s already gg, so goodbye monster role.
I’m so sad.


You can’t get better without playing. :slight_smile:

Even a mediocre player like me gets better with every game. The best thing to do is remember to disengage, too often monsters stay when they should bail to try to armor up. Don’t habg out after a dome drops unless that strike is really worth it.

Monsters that fight then flee the zone, live to fight another dome.




Until I find them.


Well yeah, then you fight again. :monster:


You can’t be mediocre player! You’re my childhood hero!


Maybe you need to go do Training Matches for a while.

I been doing some Training matches each day as Trapper to see how I would do with less than coordinated Healing/Shield that I couldn’t spam myself.

First day, I got incapped twice by Behemoth, beat it at late Stage 2.
Second Day, I got incapped once by Kraken, beat it at late Stage 2. My one incap was because I stood too long in this “pool of death” power of some kind.
Third Day, I beat Wraith at Stage 2 without going down at all.

Now I’m going to work more on how to navigate maps faster so that maybe the AI monsters don’t get to Stage 2. :slight_smile:

Definitely, I think there is improvement the more I play! :slight_smile:


You can’t be mediocre player! You’re my childhood hero!

But really, I don’t get to play often so I’m rusty. I get amped up and sometimes focus more than I should. I’m getting better, but I’m far from good. As long as I’m not getting smoked, I’m having fun.

@tygamer you just have to practice. I’d also recommend catching MaddCowQQ on twitch when he hosts his coaching sessions.



Imagine hearing this from Emet while running away for your life. Fucking savage! :grin:


Its good to hear you been hitting the grind Goliath! I like this motivation here. I did a lot of solo play and practice matches when the game was released I was so scared of online. Once you gather fundamentals really preps you for the big scary world. You\re an awesome example of this c:


Yeah, for sure. I think Evolve is so good, especially graphically and with all the VFX on… that when you lose (either as Hunter or Monster) it really gets you down a bit.

It’s one thing to see it happen in films like PREDATORS, then totally another to have it “happen to you”. But at the end of the day it’s just a game. There’s things to watch out for.

For example if you see a “White Wraith” coming toward you… you press Space Bar twice and… well… it doesn’t hit you. It’s just a game. :slight_smile:

What’s true is the PVP aspect brings back aspects of “Japan Hard” gameplay where the bosses were unforgiving and all that. But like any game of that type, you have to sort of categorize what the monsters can do and figure out what you will do if that pattern emerges. :slight_smile:


Monster isn’t for everyone, homie. Don’t beat yourself up over it. :heart:


There is ranked play where you will be matched against same skill level players , do not give up.


Listen for the distinct, high-pitch cry of the spotter. It gives you the Monster’s exact location - if you pay attention. If the Monster sneaks, look for broken trees to help you find its path.


I find a good monster tip while fighting is knowing who and where your going to use your abilities after they cooldown. A lot of people just see the abilities become available and use them right away without thinking first. Anticipate not where the hunters are but where there going.


You mean these guys?


I’m in a public place with no headphones right now, so I can’t listen to it. But there is only one name for the spotter, so I’d imagine that’s the right animal, and thus the right noise.


It’s like a high pitched Mouse Squeak? I have to admit I never noted it before… too busy relying on the “4”.

In fact, prior to your advice I thought only the Trapper had a way of finding the Monster in ways other than watching for tracks.

I’ll keep an ear out for these little fauna. :slight_smile:


I see youre new. Don’t expect any sympathy. Get better. We’ve been in a hunter dominated game for a year. You have to just keep playing.