Monster is Over powered


So back when the beta was out i was hoping they would sorta nerf the monster by the time the game comes out but by the looks of it, that hasnt happend. at least for me, whenever a game starts i already know if im going to win or lose depending on if im the monster or not .The hunters only hope for winning is if you kill the monster in stage 1, even if you get it down to one bar of health on stage one, and it makes it to stage 2, your probably going to lose, and if it reaches stage 3, well then you might as well just leave the game because your not winning it. im sure that if you have a full team of experianced players who are all communicating then yeah, it would be a fair fight, and im sure thats what the dev’s vision for the game was, and as cool as that vision is, most people dont have that, most people just jump onto match making and auto mute all the team. When you making something that is for the consumer, especial something that they need to pay for, it should be something that is FOR the comsumer, even if that means sacurficing some of what you perfic vision for the game is.

i love evolve and i think its a great concept, but im afraid that without any updates, the game if just going to end up like tittan fall, awesome at first but in a month or 2 most people just forget about it. however thats just my opinion, im currious if anyone else agrees


This is not true because i was playing kraken at stage 3 and still lost and I’ve been playing since alpha and i played highly skilled hunter team who communicated to beat me


really? every time ive played as the kraken ive killed all hunters stage 2 without losing all of the armor, and im not amazing at the game in any way


In that case the people who you play against might be disorganized, but overall the monster is not overpowered. Do you really think 4 years of development would lead to a game where half of it is overpowered? I would give it a bit more time before you go to the forums to say how something is op, though it is understandable, to believe that the monster is op, as he is meant to be a boss battle of sorts. No harm intended. Now that I post this and look at the other replies I feel like a bit of a jerk, ignore this comment. :neutral_face:


I littreally just had a game with @Youngmanr6 Where we were playing against a good monster, and he evaded us all the way to stage 3, without loosing any health. We then prosided to almost have a tie, as it was only myself and the minster left, when the lighthning gun ran out of juice with him having only around 1 health left. Its the players that dictate how the game plays out


That’s not true in the beta my team of friends always would beat the monster unless it was the wraith which is overpowered. Now in the game the monster can wreck your face like the guy said at stage 2 or even 1 just go stealth mode in front of them even if they see you no need to hide just pounce, insta kill The entire team.


Sorry man. I had a team of four earlier today and we did a clean sweep in Evacuation twice in a row. We played a third campaign and only lost the fourth match. That’s 14/15 games for the hunters, and we had a ton of different people switching in as the monster between matches. Not to mention we won all 3 Defend matches before the first generator was destroyed.

It’s not a balance issue, it’s just a teamwork issue if you’re losing more than 50% of the time.


Perhaps you are? Who knows. :stuck_out_tongue: this is the dawn of Evolve, lol. Give people time to get better or try to find hunter teams to play against on the forum if you need more challenge. :smile:


idk, i just feel as if 95% of the games i play, monster wins


No damage changes were made to goliath or kraken after the beta other than a couple bug fixes. Wraith was nerfed but Im not sure if it was enough because wraith can still easily evade hunters as long as she wants and her damage is still crazy high.


Nerfed…you must be playing a different game. I’ve noticed significant changes between the beta and the actual game. I’m not saying that the monsters do more damage the glasses had a significant damage resistance to where a stage 2 can take out all hunters Easily only losing half health. the Kraken has increased knock back now being able to push you miles away from your team with just one attack. With the wraith they haven’t changed it at all its actions still are impossible to dodge and still have a short cool down to where they can just be spammed


that’s a problem with this game. it’s easier to do well as a monster because you only have to rely on yourself. You can practice wherever you want because you don’t have to worry about scheduling play time with three other people. As a hunter you can only provide about 25% of the success or fail so you have to rely on 3 other people. There will be more high skilled monsters compared to full teams of highly skilled hunters.


Wheres your source for that? Wraith was nerfed and niether goliath nor kraken received a buff in anything. Stop being bad and maybe you wont wipe at stage two. I win about 50% with randoms


my sources that I played the crap out of the beta and I can tell the difference. also what do you think the three gigabyte patch was day one? It was balancing so they change factors from the beta so that shows that they have changed and modified the monsters and the hunters. I also like how you’re saying that I’m bad at the game when we would hardly ever lose but against the wraith it’s always a loss. now in the actual game we Lose majority of the time at stage 2 when that would never happen


Show me where there were monster buffs.


that shows my proof right there you go into a file when you change numbers they don’t have numbers out because they don’t have patch notes out. so they release the patch notes and you can read them to yourself because it’s completely changed since the beta


It was all hunter buffs. Show me the monster buffs. Show me your proof


okay so in the notes they say that I have patch the monsters. if you play the game the wraith can kick your butt at the drop zone. Even though they are still over powered too. They have buffed hunters but they have buffed the monsters as well I’m losing a lot of games because of this it is entirely different from the beta they make it seem like the monsters are weaker it seems like they’re stronger. wait are you one of those people that actually plays the wraith? because it seems to me the only people actually defending it are the ones that play it unfairly because they can get easy wins


Im not defending the Wraith nor do I play as her in hunt. You are saying the monsters were buffed I gave you the EXACT changes out of one of the Co-Founders mouth and asked you to point out the monster buffs. But you cant because there were no monster buffs and all you can do is keep repeating the same thing over and over “monsters were buffed, I get Rekt and cant win” show me the monster buffs and I’ll stop arguing, show them to me.


ok allow me to elaborate. In the notes where it says our goals they are trying to nerf things yes but currently they are not nerfed that is how they are buffed. The only way to track the wraith is with bucket or Maggie. When it comes to the damage reduction and some cool down times it’s not enough. You can still spam the crap out of the decoy and you can boost away while you’re in decoy mode. This supernova can be the primary damage dealer but it needs an additional cool down as well as the cooldown not starting while you are starting the ability. This is how it is buffed, it has a 12 second cooldown that starts when you start the ability the ability last 8 seconds so you only have to wait another 4 to start it again. they state how the Goliath how it is dealing more damage with its abilities. they nerfed Markov cone of vision for his Tesla cannon making it much less effective all against all monsters. This is how they are buffed because they didn’t change the things they are still overpowered.