Monster in dome but still able to get outisde


Hey guys.

I play a lot as trapper and since some days when I put the dome and that the monster is in it in extremis, I can see that the monster just pass though the dome wall.

I still have the dome’s badge, when you put a monster in a dome successfully, but the monster is outside.

It does not happens so often before the last patch, does anyone feel the same ?



I’ve had Goliath’s escaping domes after they were down forever. Gets annoying, but you get used to dropping the dome for the bug after awhile.


I saw this a bunch of times in the ESL tournament over the weekend, it happened at least once in almost every match I watched - Krakens just floating through the wall after the dome came down around them, & Goliaths leaping through it if it came down somewhere in the arc of their leap. Dunno if it got worse.


i ve escpaed domes very in extremis when about 3/4 of the body was outside it maybe it s because of that


Only mentioning this because it may be relevant, but its possibly a miscommunication between clients and server on the monster location. Your client said it was in so server gives the badge, but the monster client shows it out so it lets them out.

Although this theory is out the window if there is more than a couple seconds delay unless there is a drastic connection lag or hacking to fool the server. This builds on @thegamer118 input where part of the body was out so he could escape.