Monster immunities


So far, we have the Goliath, who breathes fire, and the Kraken who generates lightning.

Alternatively, we have Hyde, who has a flamethrower, and Markov, who has a lightning gun.

In a video interview with IGN, the developers stated that certain hunters will be more useful against certain monsters than others.

Could it be that the Goliath would be immune to the flamethrower, and that the Kraken could be immune to the lightning gun? How effective would shooting lightening at something that generates and manipulates lightning really be?

If this is indeed the case, thinking of what the third monster might be immune to could give us a good hint towards what it might be.


So far there’s no immunity. All monster have the same resistance against fire, etc.


Yeah it was mentioned before that the guys from Turtle Rock tried this originally and it just made things complicated or something. I’ll see if I can find the post later


Correct, no immunities. When they said some would be better than others, it is entirely more for utility reasons. For example, Griffin may be better against Kraken in combat because his grapple isn’t tethered to the ground, but Maggie is better at finding Kraken because it doesn’t leave as many footprints.


It’s also no fun when your game has been decided (or at least mostly decided) at the character selection screen. That feeling of “welp I’m going to be useless this round” is something we wanted to avoid even if it wasn’t true. When you give a person a flame thrower they are going to want to use it! Hunters being more or less useful tend to be things like Daisy is a real help when tracking a good Kraken player who can get the elevation to not leave scorch marks. The human behind the monster is also something that you need to consider. One player vs another even with the same Monster are going to have different play styles and that can make once hunter choice better then another.


Personally I feel like a FPS is no place for RPG elements like perks and immunities.


I don’t mind perks in FPS games, but I hate immunities other than maybe in BL2


Well there ARE lots of perks and abilities in this game.


I actually think perks are a great addition to FPS games, especially sci-fi FPS games where you might not always be fighting “real” creatures, characters, or weapons. It’s, in large, part of the game balance.

And if you really think about, even games like Counter Strike allow you to buy gear (“perks” more or less). While they do have a cost associated with them, it’s very unusual to not have enough money for said gear… unless you’re spending your money on really heavy weaponry :stuck_out_tongue:

But, that’s me.


What is known of the perks anyways?


There are two kinds of perks: pre game and elite wildlife.

Each person gets one pregame perk. for hunters it can be extra damage, extra defense, extra health regen, or extra movespeed. For monsters it can be extra damage, extra defense, or faster eating times. These last the whole game.

The elite monster perks last for 5 minutes on eating or killing an elite monster. These range from movement speed to cooldown reduction to friendly birds to poisonous attacks.

More will be known later for both of these - this is just what we know at the moment. More info:


Note these are just the only confirmed perks so far along with faster jet pack cool down. There will be more


i’m in agreement with no immunities. What is meant by certain hunters being better vs certain monsters is something like maggie vs goliath as compared to griffin vs goliath.

maggie can lay many traps on the ground and doesn’t have to tether herself to the goliath whereas griffin has to tether himself to the goliath and doesn’t last as long. Kraken is the complete opposite as maggie’s ground traps are much less effective due to the kraken’s ability to fly and griffins harpoon is much more useful to keep kraken within range and get him while he’s flying.


I don’t consider buying gear perks… I am fine with class play or a load out… I just don’t like things like “pick this and you run fast” “pick this and your bullets do more damage.” etc… I dunno, they did it in CoD and I know it is super popular, but for me, I did not care for it. I will still play a game with perks, but I come from a Quake 3 background where all you had was your gun that did X damage and your skill. But game changes, and I roll with it… I just prefer other things.