Monster ideas


i have an idea about a monster/native of evolve. It has a centaur likebody but with a more dragon-like bottom half. It would have a spear with multiplle powers.

  1. Napalm strike
    A mid ranged attack that deals massive splash damage and unforgiving with direct hits.
    2.Warriors skin
    the monster summons the goliath’s strong bones to wear as armor for a brief time.(extra bar of armor.)
    3.Nature’s Will
    the monster manipulates wildlife to fight for him and gives them a slight buff. Wildlife aids until dead.
    4.Dimensional drift
    the monster can walk through a thin wall at a time but with very long cooldown.
    This monster is meant to be very squishy throughout the stages and requires aid of others. this monster can deal heavy damage to multiple targets.


Abilities don’t seem to focus enough on damage. And next time to avoid repeat topics, there is already a monster ideas thread


Thx 4 tip but again im a kid so yeah


Im new to this but i appreciate helping me
hange 4th power


this monster is not attack based but his napalm strike would be a volley of 6 blasts. Im gonna name him centaur. he is very fast and has fast and long ranged melee. I think this idea is gold. Can any1 help me make it diamond? btw im just a kid if u r a worker of TRS but i would really appreciate considering my idea. If not, I will be looking forward to evolve. if u want me to give stage bonuses to attacks let me know.


Try some abilities themed with this centaur guy. Napalm strike doesn’t sound very nature. How about a charge? Rushing forward on dragon-y legs and run down the hunters. Armor will be buffed for the time the charge happens. It could double as a getaway aswell


Doesn’t change anything in my eyes if somebody is 10 or 100 as long as they act mature. Again I enjoy the new ideas and I especially like the thought of a dragon themed monster, just want to help get you pointed in the direction TRS has gone so far. This guy needs more aggression, more smashy face lol. And welcome to the forums


well i would but that would be a copy of goliath. but thank you man i really like ur help.


yhank you very much


like trample that can be steered.


I believe it would be amazing to have a giant humanoid crocodile


I want to play a “Turtle T-rex” monster in Evolve. Just its would be looks cool, and suitable for the company to :smiley: If Turtlerock didn’t make one, I will try to artwork one.

Lol, I found this in the internet:
Its a nice submission to beginn the first scribbles for the model :smiley:


Go here for this specific monster discussion


a multi legged monster that has an easy time climbing walls with a different ability instead of the regular smell ability and can attack while climbing. has small health/ armor pool.

smell is changed to “web” using smell covers a large area around you in web which is visible to both hunters and the monster. Any creatures in the web have an outline around them including hunters!. this acts as a permanent “smell” allowing the widow to keep track of creatures on her part of the map essentially making it “her territory”. while in a webbed area the widow moves faster. web has a short cooldown.

ability 1: venom fangs: all of widows attacks slow and deal dot.

ability 2: hatchlings v1: widow can lay eggs (costs a portion of her armor) which hatch after a short time to spawn hatchlings that follow widow and target whatever she targets. can only have a set amount of hatchlings.
ability 2: hatchlings v2: whatever widow eats has eggs laid inside of them which will hatch into hatchlings. the hatchlings are aggressive to other wildlife and patrol the area where widow has eaten.

ability 3: web trap: widow lays down a trap in a webbed area which only triggers on hunters dealing significant damage.

ability 4: Snare: completely wraps a target in web holding them in the area not allowing them to use abilities for a short time.

sort of a monster with the playstyle of hunting the hunters with her webbed areas, traps, and hatchlings. downside being that she has a low health pool and moves slower out of webbed areas. definetly design the monster praying on peoples fear of multi legged bugs/ arachnids


I really like the idea of a spider-type monster I’m this game, and thst build is definitely something I would love playing.
I have a cool idea for a type of monster that accels at area denial while at the same time being extremely mobile. Of course at the same time having low armor and semi-low health.
The physical feautures would resemble a snake, in that it slithers around instead of crawling and/or jumping. It can still climb, and in fact can do so extremely quickly through it’s new “leap” mechanic: burrow; which allows the player the dig short tunnels through most obstacles. These tunnels can last a certain amount of time, but they are not permanent and the hunters can destroy fairly quickly. Each time a burrow is used it goes on a short cool down before it can be used again. Another thing that can be implemented to nerf this ability is to make the amount of stamina this monster has lower (2 instead of 3). Now on to its abilities:
#1: Venom cloud
This activation spews acidic breath from the monster’s mouth, that then spreads slowly outward. It damages and lowers vision.
#2: Sabre buff
This ability buffs the monster’s next basic attack; making it a lunge, giving heavily increased damage, and a quick burst of speed after the attack is completed. When used correctly, this can provide for effective hit and run tactics.
#3: Crescent Tail
The name says it all. This ability just sweeps the monster’s long tail in a large circle, but there are two hit zones, one on the inside of the “spiked tail” and then the outside. Units thst collide with the end of the terrifying spiked tail take considerablely more damage, and are knocked far back.
#4: Sonic Screech
Since this monster has a strong enough head/face/mouth to burrow straight through stone (and other things like titanium and whatever else appears on these maps), it obviously can produce quite a roar. This ability does no damage whatsoever, but instead “jumbles” the hunters vision (slightly) and their electronic gear.

The downside to this monster is getting locked down; if you lose your high mobility in anyway, then your health will plummet unless you have taken necessary precautions.
Alright! There’s my monster idea :stuck_out_tongue: you should tell me what you think and how I can make it better! Hope you like it.