Monster ideas... Hybrids and packs


Just a thought that popped in my head (have no idea if someone has gone through this but I doing it anyway) but how about hybrid monsters like a goliath/kraken or wraith/the fourth monster. Also for the ladt idea, instead of a big and strong monster, but a group or pack of small but deady monsters. When they evolve, another one or two monsters spawn and when they reach stage three, there will be at least 6. Also when they evolve they may get a bit bigger but not to much and may change appearance like when goliath reaches stage 3 and he has spikes on his back. The pack won’t be that large, maybe stage 1 or 2 goliath size?
Anyways what are your thoughts?


There was a monster somewhat similar to this in development called The Swarm. There were some technical troubles in development that made it a problem to play, so it was shelved for the time being.


So we might be able to see it further in the years?
By the way it doesn’t have to be a new monster. It could goliath, kraken, wraith or the fourth monster. E.g. When you evole, you can choose to get bigger or grow a little bit and spawn some buddy’s. Because of this your abilities will be weaker but you will still be able to upgrade them


Another problem with a swarmer, is that a lot of it relies on AI. Alot of early internal testing showed that relying too much on AI led to frustration. I wouldn’t say we won’t see something like this in the future, but it would be a limited ability and not the main mechanic.


You have a good point with that.


That being said, thematically it sounds like a lot of fun though. I was sad it wasn’t kept in the game, but I can understand why.


True, it would’ve been awesome to play with a swarm of insects or a pack of weird looking wolves. Anyways what do you guys think of the hybrid idea. It may seem a bit op but I’m sure that it could be balanced out.


New idea. This may seem like the dumbest idea but anyways what about normal animals that have gone radioactive and became a mutant freak but you can still tell what animal it was before


Wearwolf pack monster would be cool. Have them all attack and move as one so their is zero ai. You control all of them as you would one monster.


That was my idea with the pack monsters so there wouldn’t be ai issues. Awesome idea and being a werewolf pack sounds beast! :goliath_roar:


The more I think about it the more I like it. Have them be about 4x the size of the hunters, half or a little bit less than half the size of the goliath. Instead of armor you could gain an extra member or two when you evolve. Have them all have separate health so if one dies or gets trapped in the dome the rest can keep going. Speed would be their best ability.

I’m sure programming it would be almost impossible though. Having them all move and attack in unison without blending together/glitching would be the challenge.


I like where your going when you said when one dies, the game plays on so the hunters have to kill them all and during the game the monster player can switch to another monster. When it comes to abilities, if you do the ability, the other monsters do it as we’ll so it would be the same amount of damage like a normal monsters.


Also for the immersion part, when you eat, they will also eat and can sense for danger. Since there is more of you your smell ability will have a longer range.