Monster idea!

This is going to be my monster idea that I created if you want my first ideas on this go to suggestions and go to # monster idea. Thank you!:wink:

My monster idea was for it to be a parasite that you can see of course and I will post the abilities soon

I will provide any updates on the monster and don’t be afraid to give me your idea on my monster and anything I should add onto it or you can tell me your own monster idea.

I’m just going to randomly drop ideas, it won’t necessarily match your monster theme however you and others could change it in a way that makes it fit.

In any case, what about a monster that uses teleportation points rather than teleporting where you can see like wraith e.g place a teleport tear in one location and then place another somewhere else. Going through one of teleport tears allows you to come out on the otherside of the other teleport tear.

If you only place one tear and go through you just go to a random place on the map or a random place within the dome if you’ve already been trapped.

To make that traversal ability less annoying for hunters, you could just make it so that hunters can also use the teleport tear too however be careful as you may not know what lies on the other side.

Bioshock Infinite, Evolve Edition.

I like it.


My monsters abilities:

  1. It could take over the dead body’s of dead wildlife and dead hunters. could shoot a parasitic tendril out of its mouth to infest a dead vessel and multiply.
  2. Similar to move #2 except you gain control over the vessel and can pull out the parasites as minions.
  3. The last ability would be for it to spray a parasitic acid that would poison the hunter for a long period of time and plant a parasite into the hunter which causes it to automatically go down.
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That’s pretty awsome

I’d really like to see a monster that debuffs and buffs. Maybe a bug monster that can cloud itself in a slowing gas that slows nearby enemies and wildlife. (affects run speed and jetpack speed however does not effect jetpack dodging)

A second ability could be a sort of skin hardening technique that instantly gives the monster a certain percentage of armour and then also gives a small attack buff. (promotes monster to fight instead of run)

Traversal could be a super crawl that allows the monster go very quickly across any terrain, it would like like an oily translucent mist rising from its legs almost like water in zero gravity. This traversal ability would also mean you could go up and over any object like a small spider would, so you could potentially be upside down on a cave ceiling looking at the hunters from an angle.

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Tbtas pretty beast

So far we’ve seen monsters evolve in a very obvious way, they get bigger and stronger but you never really hear anyone talk about how much smarter they could get. So what about an ability that shows that ? an ability that mimics characteristcs of the hunters toolset.

Ability 1 could be called siphon which damages a target and gives the monster armour, however that is not its primary role. Its primary role is to steal information based on the target hit which brings me to…

Ability 2, which is by default a damage dealing move. However based on the information stolen with siphon, this ability changes. For example if siphon hits torvald, maybe the second ability becomes a mortar strike that has crazy AOE. Or maybe if siphon hit maggie, the second ability would allow you to set up pinning tendrils that holds hunters in place if they run near it.

I dunno, I’m bored not being able to play monster in hunt after patch 5.0 lol

Dude that is so cool

Another cool monster could be like a black figure that has spider legs on his back with 8 eyes and each has a different type of vision thermal and xray.
The first ability could be a tube that the monster would shoot out of its mouth that would poison the hunter until his fellow hunters break the tube.
The 2nd ability would be where you could plant spider eggs into dead wild life and they would hatch
And would help the monster in combat.
The third ability would be like a web to spin your opponents and store your dead wildlife.

What is this thread?..

I’m confused.

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Its a thread of which we talk about monsters we wanna see in evolve or comment on other peoples ideas

… You mean this?

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