Monster Idea


Here can people post about their idea’s about monster you like to see in Evolve.

For exsample like this:

Monster: The Atmoizer

Ability nr.1: Glide flying - Info:

Ability nr.2: Pukes - Info: works the same way as the “Boomer from Left 4 Dead” but instead of zombies Wildlifes attacks the Hunters

Ability nr.3: Leaping - Info: similar to Goliath

Evolving Stage 1:

(the monster can only select 2 of 3 ability attacks)

  • Glide flying
  • Pukes
  • Leaping

Evolving stage 2:

  • Pukes can make Medium sized wildlife can attack the hunter’s
  • Cannot glide fly as far as stage 1 cause the wing’s are not evolving bigger
  • Leaping is still the same

Evolving Stage 3:

  • Pukes can make large sized wildlife attack the hunter’s
  • cannot glide fly at all
  • Leaping reduced

post a photoshop design of how it can look like or use other programs

P.S this is just an exsample what you can post here, and maybe the Devs wil like them and maybe make them and throw them in to the game ;).


Monster Idea: Spider
Monster Idea: Porcupine
Let's talk new monster ideas. We can't have too many!
What type of Monster would you like to see?
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What type of Monster would you like to see?
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Name: “Orcrine”
Description:[With a body more akin to a mantis/crab mix, this six legged and two clawed Crustacean packs a serious punch. Heavily armored it charges out of the darkness towards it’s pray at alarming speeds grabbing one with its massive left claw. The hunters counter with a heavy volley focused on the left arm of the monstrosity eventually prompting a dropping of their comrade. However, before the hunter has time to hit the ground the monster sprays forth a venomous goo effecting all caught in its path before charging back into the tree line. Slowed and poisoned the hunters lose precious seconds in confusion losing track of the beast.]

Ability nr.1: Charge - Info: None
Ability nr.2: Grab - Info: Hugely useful power, taking an enemy out of the fight is a big deal. Can target left claw to force a drop. Left claw takes less damage - has tons of armor, ex.
Ability nr.3: Venomous Spray - Info: Slows, poisons and adds a disorienting screen effect.
Ability nr.4: Undecided - Info: Brainstorm up a couple and we will try and make a complete monster.

Not sure on what evolution have to do with powers strength/utility so I left that for others to think about.



hmm interesting, nice work :smile:
Do you think you can make a concept art of the monster?



Possibly, though it will not be amazing for I only dabble in drawing. I’ll get back to you on that.



The “Owe” Monster

-Is low to ground.
-Like a centipede body and legs.
-Completely silent while moving.
-Only while still will it make a noise of the last animal it consumed (including human).
-Is VERY VERY SCARY TO SEE UP CLOSE (like super scary, to the point its almost like a horror film just to see or be stalked by this thing).
-Has noise vision, if something makes a noise it can be seen.
-Can evolve to see “Silence”.
-Hard body, with face as only real weak spot (and legs).
-Can climb tree trunks in spiral fashion, or would be to much stress on rest of body just climbing straight up.
-AGAIN IT CAN CLIMB AND MOVE IN COMPLETE SILENCE!!! (does not give off any thermal energy as well since it has a dark insulating shell on its body (its face may be seen).

Things that should be introduced into environment to will really complement the Owe:

-Thick vines that look almost like the monster just without legs

-Bush’s with frogs or birds that can be eaten (so that if a person hears frogs croaking in a bush… it could be a frog…or it could be Owe).

-During the night if an animal is asleep and the hunter wakes it up, the animal should be startled.

Pro’s and Cons’ of Owe!


-Silent hunter

  • Can be played quite Passively only striking if they want

-Is undetectable except for sight

-Quick attacks


-Only can attack with spear like tongue which is located on it’s face…where it is weakest… (may add weak ranged attack that poisons over time or something to help make it more fun to play).

-Can’t fight early on against larger creatures than itself

-Can only see things that are making noise and (normal site possibly)… if something is silent than it can not be seen.

-Might be difficult to play if can’t get good feed early game.

If people like it I could go into more detail but I just wanted to through it out there :smiley:



That one sounds like a scary nighmarish centipede that you dont want to mess with.
btw it was a very good monster idea and now we want to know more about the detail:)



Got to say I am a lover of the weird senses mechanic, truly hope they at least one monster of this type. Not maybe as a centipede, though I am not complaining. :wink:

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The reason why I named the monster “Owe” was for when people figure out who they are fighting, I wanted to imagine them going “ohhhhh” and than hopefully a great feeling of terror would then fill their body. I also wanted this monster to have an ability that most games keep leaving out, and that is terror it self. I miss those moment when you think to yourself that everything going to be fine and then something jumps out at you on screen and you start to make your character run away for no other reason but because you are scared and you want support and safety. I want this monster to instill a sense of danger that can be passive and unpredictable. I mentioned above that I thought of adding a slow poisoning feature to his/her attack which would be like a single use slow kill. So, at first no one would notice that the person has been poisoned, until the player (who is poisoned) starts to notice that their screen is getting a bit fuzzy and they can hear the breath of their character (btw don’t forget the more noise someone makes, the more the monster can SEE). So this poison is un-curable they can find plants and other things to treat it as a quick fix but once you are poisoned (which can only happen once per an evolution), than there is no escaping death. I haven’t put much thought into the skills, or stats, or what you can evolve per an evolution but if I do I want to put the time to really perfect the idea. So? what you guys think?

Side note: I’m super glad that the people here, so far, are constructive and open to ideas! you all rock!




habilidade 1 se trasformar tipo terreno como grama ou uma arvore

habilidade 2 se disfaçar como difuntos

habilidade 3 se transformar numa pessoa/caçador

não pode evoluir



not to be rude, but can you please type that in english?

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@Daniel_Franco Post:


ability 1 if trasformar ground type like grass or a tree

2 disfaçar skill is as dead bodies

3 ability to transform a person / hunter

can not evolve



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I am Brazilian and I’m not ashamed>:<

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saw this artwork on the web…

abilities include:

  1. toxic spines, it would work like a mine and affects would be triggered when stepped on. poison damage over time along with a tracking odor…like the way a komodo dragon bites its victims and trails it till it dies.
  2. tail pound, which can throw hunters if contact is made with the spikes of the tail
  3. Charge, the monster would charge in a zig zag pattern and latch on swinging the hunter as a weapon or throwing them into the air.
  4. toxic fumes that works like a poisonous spray from the mouth or is excreted though pores on its body.


well i did one before and with some new concepts ill put it here

monster: legion
im thinking a cross between scorpion,spider,mantis looking like this but with a mantis head and babies attached or in a sac under it

ability 1: releases swarm would get more numbers higher lvl and can be used in combat to help dps and take some dam from the monster and can also be used out of combat to set traps such as players following prints come across them and while Legion prepares a pounce or leap in but are easy to kill.

ability 2: drops some young that attache to any enemy that gets close to them then explode leaveing acid on the enemy that does damage over time plus that dam it does from exploding.

ability 3: a spray (web or mucus) that catches anything in a cone and pulls it to Legion useful in pulling creeps to you and immobilizing them for a littile useful for feeding can also be used on hunters (can catch all hunters in front of you if not positioned around monster) to stop them for a sec or pull them in to get a quick hit or two in or into your young.

ability 4: swings his tail around him knocking back all enemy’s and poisoning them.

the idea behind the use of this monster is deception and damage over time i see that goliath is up in your face where kraken is ranged skill shots where legion would be a hit and run leaving nasty surprises to any care free hunter and makeing there hit points drop over a time also he would need to be pretty quick with decent armor (not sure if different monsters get different armor values)but little health.



omg i just thought of the best monster to put in this game

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I’m really liking this creature idea…did you photoshop that? Perfect name for something like this featuring a spawn ability. Spiders can also rear up when attacking, which would work well with dropping a swarm of little 'uns from the belly region…although scorpions also can carry young on their back. This could work as a direct attack to the hunters during a fight…but also in ability #2. Drop some sacs of young that explode when the hunters get near. These young attack the hunters in a similar way to how the Kraken’s banshee mines work. Would be nice to leave in caves, especially around Trapjaws or area wildlife aggro to hunters. Ability #3…I like the idea of being able to incap a single hunter in a web…but this may be a little OP if the creature can then pull it towards them to eat. This would need a pretty big cooldown I’d imagine but would be a very nice weapon pulled off well. I imagine incapping Laz in a web as soon as the dome comes down. The web could also be used in a wide burst to slow down/trap all hunters in range at once but they would be able to get free after a few seconds…good get-away quick or bog-down tool. Of course ability#4 good use with a scorpion tail, with a cinematic chest stab with the stinger for an already weakened/dying hunter. Mind if I sketch this bad boy out?



I am actually hoping for an arachnid type Monster next! Here’s hoping, eh? Would be really cool to see you sketch that monstrosity! :smiley:

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