Monster Idea: Zilthe


Hey guys! I’ve been becoming more and more active on these forums and I just had an amazing brain-fart of a monster idea and I thought I must share :wink:

Zilthe, is a female monster who has no pigmentation, she is awash with smudged bleak grey-scale colours and has a long slender body, slightly serpentine, but she doesn’t float she has long, thin, wiry legs. She has no face except the skin where the face should be has shrunk into her “face” revealing an outline of a gaunt skull. She is a telekinetic/necromancer based monster with awesome abilities, here are the ones I came up with so far:

Drain - It drains the hunters jetpack fuel so they cannot get away as quickly, when activated it has a quick AoE burst (about as big as the Krakens aftershock) at lvl 1 it drains 50% lvl 2 75% and if you get this ability to lvl 3 then you can completely drain the hunters of fuel so they’ll just be running empty and you have them exactly where you want them. Also the closer the hunters are to you the slower the fuel regenerates.

Safeguard - Much like the assault classes shield this will make Zilthe invulnerable for at least 5 seconds, this can increase to a maximum of 10 seconds if at level 3. But unlike the assaults shield Zilthe’s cannot be broken, this ability has an extremely long cool-down

Resurrection - Once Zilthe has killed one of the wildlife she can resurrect them as a minion to attack the hunters. She can have a maximum of three minions. At lvl 1 Zilthe can only resurrect the animals with yellow outlines (The Herbivores) they are fairly weak but will help Zilthe hunt wildlife and if in range will automatically attack the hunters, at lvl 2 these minions become stronger, with more damage increase and a larger pool of health, at lvl 3 Zilthe can resurrect the animals with the red outlines (The Carnivores) these minions are substantially stronger than the herbivores and if Zilthe has three Carnivores to fight by her then you’ll be in for a nasty fight. Creatures resurrected will give off a faint white glow and will have blank pale white eyes. Note: after Zilthe has eaten the wildlife she cannot resurrect it.

N/A definitely needs to be an offensive attack

Zilthe’s main movement is a teleport, she will disappear only to re-appear further away. The hunters have no way to know where you warped to because this leaves no trail

Well that’s it guys! Hope a dev sees this :smile:


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