Monster Idea: The Leviathan


Just speculating. Would love to hear input.

Basically, Goliath is fire, Kraken is Electricity, Leviathan is Water. The abilities I reference below are from researching the mythological aspects and abilities of the Leviathan, so as to ground him in a similar lore.

For an image reference, something like:

Of course, even though he’s water-based, he can traverse land, by maintaining a low-altitude, enough to clear the ground below it. Generally, less armor than Goliath, faster movement. His playstyle is one of stealth and ambush. He has the unique ability, that if he is near a large source of water, he can escape into it and submerge (unable to take damage) From that point, he can choose to emerge anywhere else there is large pools of water. Once he does this move, it has a 2 minute cooldown. While in the water, he can view the immediate area around the entry/exit water areas in order to perform a special “pounce”, where his tentacles come out of the water and ensnare/damage the player, however if his is hit during this time, he is forced out of the water (and the 2 minute countdown begins until he can return to the water) He cannot see NPC or Hunter models, just sound markers that he can choose to attack if close enough to the water.

As another special characteristic, if it begins to rain in the level, the Leviathan’s armor begins to regenerate.

ABILITY: Celestial Strike
Summons a meteor to strike a designated area for physical damage. As skill level increases, a larger, more powerful meteor hits the ground. A random type and number of wildlife spawn from the strike area and are automatically enraged with the hunters.

ABILITY: Sonic Paddles
The Leviathan slaps his paddle tentacles together sending forth an expanding shockwave that does damage and causes the Hunters to be blinded if facing the wave.

ABILITY: Camouflage
The Leviathan can enter camo at any moment. When it chooses to exit, there is a cooldown before it can use it again. While camo’d and not moving, it is completely invisible. No wildlife will attack the Leviathan while camo’d. If moving while camo’d it will cause a rippling effect while moving (and for a short duration after it stops). While camo’d the Leviathan cannot stealth pounce, however if its first strike is on the back side of a Hunter, it does 3x normal damage as a “sneak attack”, and takes the Leviathan out of camo. When camo’d and shot by a hunter, damage is 35% more effective on it, enticing the Leviathan to “uncloak” and engage the threat. While camo’d, the Leviathan makes no noise, but also moves at “sneak” speeds. Camo is cancelled if the Leviathan enters a body of water.

The Leviathan spits a ball of sludge that at Level 1: Slows the movement of whomever it hits by 50% for a set time. At Level 2: It adds the penalty that anyone hit by hit slowly loses health. At Level 3: It adds the penalty that the player loses use of 2 random abilities for the duration.

If something sounds overpowered, let me know, why you think so, and what you’d suggest to possibly balance out that issue. This is just a topic for the fun of it. With names like Goliath and Kraken, it sounds like they’re going for well-known terms as far as monsters go, and “Leviathan” sounded like it would have a place in there somewhere :slight_smile:


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