Monster Idea: Spider


This is a new monster idea which I think could be pretty interesting.

It would appear to be a large spider with glowing red eyes. It’s legs could be hairy and have large barbs. Its abdomen could appear to have lots of red domes that barely stick off the spiders skin.

Range: Mid-Range


  1. Venom Spit: The spider would spit acidic venom at the target location, splashing on any wildlife or players nearby, inflicting damage over time.

  2. Throw Web: The spider could throw a web at something, immobilizing it for, say, 10 seconds or until a player breaks it open.

  3. Leap Strike: The spider jumps towards the target location and tries to strike anything around with it’s powerful legs.

  4. Hatchlings: The domes on the back of the spider explode, and hundreds of thousands of tiny baby spiders come out. They will try to swarm any players or wildlife in the location you target. This ability is highly vulnerable to flame damage.

Passive Abilities:

-Sticky: Can climb walls and stay on walls indefinitely
-Camo: The spider is naturally very quiet, and if you stand still for more than 10 seconds, the spider will appear to blend into the environment, almost looking invisible, but still seeable as the spider’s camo skin will be warped and you will be able to see it’s outline.

Let me know what you think about this idea.


It’s a nice idea, but for future ideas, post in the monster ideas thread to avoid having multiple threads for the same topic


gameplay wise it sounds awesome. although everyone wud autolock hyde to burn the hatchlings. but lets make him more monsterish. I try to remember that they arent on earth so they wudnt follow the same evolution chart that we have today. so try combining some species and see what turns up! :slight_smile:


both of the guys above me are right there is forum about monster ideas and making it a spider alone would not be enough i did something similar called Legion here is the link to the page Monster Idea


I really like a spider monster idea…

My idea would involve the spider making barriers and being able to save meat by way of wrapping meat, the barriers would be to buy time, then the spider would like drag the meat around with it, and its whole kit would be a sort of arena fitting kit, where it eats the bodies it stored while fighting the hunters, and slowing them down by stickieing up the area.


what about a monster that can burrow underground.


I had pretty much the same idea after reading a lot of other people’s posts. I think a spider like monster is an excellent idea. Its something that is naturally scary to a lot of people and there are so many unique spiders i the world its ability’s could vary widely. There is burrowing which some spiders do. Creating webs, as traps or weapons could easily be implemented in my opinion. I think some kind of venom would be useful since spiders usually have some kind of venom used to dissolve its meal. I think it should also be able to freely walk on walls along with the floors as a natural ability and not one of its 4 evolution abilities. I see a spider monster a lot like a disabling type of monster whihc tryies to isolate the hunters and kill them off one by one. Just throwing my 2 cents out there


Actually, I’ve just played some Watchdogs gameplays…

…If anyone has ever tried the Spider-tank trips, well… For sure , playing a giant spider would be awesome in Evolve !!..
Now it’s definitely a must !




The devs have said they tried to make a spider character early on but weren’t able to realize their ideas for gameplay with the technology.

Everyone keeps bringing up a spider-like monster not realizing that it’s pretty much already been ruled out. Unless they have some sort of break through at TRS I doubt you’ll see one in the future.


Monster name: Arachna

This is the weakest of the monsters, but the fastest one on its regular movement, hard to hit due to its agility and thin legs, leaving only the body and head as target, no doubt this Monster is a tough fight for those who haven’t trained their well-aimed shots and the ones who doesnt think quick enough, leaving no room for mistakes, in a blink of an eye, the Arachna can wrap unsuspecting foes and carry them for their inevitable death.

The stealth attack doesnt damage the target, instead, when the Monster perform the attack while sneaking, it starts to wrap the prey on web, the longer it takes, it determines the thickness of the web, once the Monster finish webbing its prey, she can carry them with a slowed movement speed to another location for a safe meal, hunters can shoot the web while being carried for a escape with their downed pistol aswell other hunters can free trapped ones by shooting it.

On seaking, when not moving, as a defense the Spider Monster uses camouflage adapting the environment, making it harder to spot from distance, when the armor is full it still glows though.

Traversal works with the spider creating web by its lower gland, leaving a web trail behind whenever she moves, the Monster movement speed is reduced while doing it, it is possible to create web while climbing, and its also possible to reforce thickening the web creating on the same place as long the traversal duration is on. Hunters cannot go through the web and must shoot to clear it.

The Spider Monster can stay still on climbed walls and ceilings and move freely through the web.


#1- Venon Spray
The Monster expel a cloud of venom from the front gland dealing poison damage at short and medium range.

#2- Death Leap
The Monster jump to a targeted location for a single target attack of great damage.
#3- Paralyzing Fang
The Monster bites the target, paralysing them for 10 sec (breaks with damage).
#4- Queen’s Offspring
The Monster put 3 spider eggs with a medium health pool, the eggs hatch after 6 seconds, the 3 spiderlings emerges with low health pool, they attack the hunters with poison bites.


Maybe your thinking of the host but that’s not a spider. They didn’t like the host because it had to many AI controlled moves.


I’d really like a spider monster. It’s traversal should be a grappling hook type effect but with a web, like on those old Q2 lithium servers.


This is a cool idea. I’ve heard various spider ideas- my own one’s are pretty similar with the wall crawling and the web traps but this is a pretty unique concept. Using the smell ability you could see Hunters gaining on you so instead of eating your fresh kills, a quick wrap to go (drive thru style) and you can gain the armour at a more convenient time. Hope the developers see this.


I just really really really want a spider monster!


Monster type: spider
Gender: female
Code name: Spindle
Mode of transport: multiple legs, Web slinging
Abilities: Web traps, poison spit, underground pounce, paralytic stinger, and able to climb in any direction even upside-down


Super old thread… but I am bored and out of new threads to read.

Thought it was funny how close to Gorgon these people got!


I like the camo idea, but Gorgon was the spider, she has acid/poison, can restrict movement, temporarily incapacitate, and stick to walls, not to mention the web sling.


But websling is actually Miley throwing her hand out(the hand is a grapple) and she pulls her body from the inside, she’s like a shellfish she has an exoskeleton but instead of a soft muscle inside she has this stretchy muscle on her arm.