Monster Idea: Screecher


Screecher: Screecher is a large bat-like monster, with wings made of very tough material and claws as sharp as knives.
Screecher is smaller than the Kraken, with total wing span coming to about the width of Goliath.

Movement Ability: Flight
Screecher is able to fly much more easily than the Kraken, being able to easily “backpedal” and has the ability to gain altitude by pressing jump while in the air, which causes Screecher to flap it’s wings. And unlike Kraken Screecher can latch onto any part of the wall while gliding/flying.

Ability 1: Echolocation/Soundwave
Screecher…screeches, emitting a soundwave that disorients nearby enemies/monsters. This soundwave will travel a certain distance based on the ability level, with it growing based on distance and breaking apart/bouncing when hitting an object.
Screecher will be alerted if the soundwave(s) hit another player or monster.

Ability 2: Dust Storm
Screecher flaps it’s wings, kicking up dust and dirt in front of it that blinds and damages enemies.

Ability 3: Grapple
Screecher reaches forward with it’s hind-legs, grabbing onto an enemy it hits and starts crushing them. Players caught cannot move or attack, but other players can shoot Screecher’s legs to make it release the captured player.

Ability 4. Whirlwind
Screecher does a big spiral turn/spin, creating a miniature whirlwind that sucks in and damages players close to it. After a few seconds it will fling them out. This whirlwind/tornado also moves forward in the direction Screecher was facing, and will dissipate if it hits a wall bigger than it.


that sounds really cool, screecher would be amazing


Yeah, you mean a nargacuga !..
Who has never wanted to use a flamethrower against one ?.. x)


yea that would be a beast monster, but i dont actually see that as the third monster i can see it as a dlc monster


Love this idea
This monster is awesome!


You know…I popped in here thinking… I want a bat thing.

Balance its high mobility evasion-y-ness with making it very audible and much easier to track.

Swooping, sneaky goodness…bats have the sickest walking movements…so have it shut up when its stealthy, and the sound contrast between it screeching like a bat out of hell…and the silence, is just plain straight up ominous… With a bit of a play on the ideas of echolocation.


The thing you have to remember is balancing and not only balancing but working with the other monster options. It’s hard to just make another monster have the same but way better ability to move. It’s possible with health weakness or something but I feel like there’s Goliath with faster running and a leap ability, Kraken with a slow flight ability, the third monster needs to have something unique from those. It could be flight but it would need to function into the same 3 bars of stamina used for dashes or leaps.

This could work in some fashion but describe a little more in detail how it “disorients” Does it like fuzzy the hunters vision for a few seconds? If it did low damage but made it harder to see (kind of similar to flame breath) then I could see that working but it’d need to be either a short AOE or a directed attack. The being alerted if the screech hits something part is kind of redundant with the smell function of each monster. You don’t get notified but you’re looking around when you’re smelling and it’s easy to see their health bar pop up if you smell them.

This seems a little similar to the Soundwave even if visually different but it could be an AOE if soundwave was directed infront of the bat or if was more like the function of vortex with Kraken to push them back as opposed to soundwave that hurts and disorients.

This basically sounds like an in-combat version of the sneak attack pounce. I think if a single shot knocks the monster off then in combat you’d barely get one hit in since you’re constantly being shot at. It could work if you grabbed someone and maybe did some damage and launched them forward but that might be hard to make work since it’s an ability (with cooldown) as opposed to melee so if you’re flying around and need to grab someone that might be difficult or frustrating unless it was like a held down ability until the grab happens. It can become frustrating to be unable to shoot or move so it may benefit from being a fast grab and throw attack or to pin them but then can still shoot.

I have suspension of disbelief with Kraken’s explanation of his abilities being psychic in origin but creating tiny tornados with a short lifespan from wing flapping seems a little too much like an MMO type ability. As for the actual function I don’t really have an issue with as it’d function almost like banshee mines they’re trying to get away from.

I like the idea and I’m not trying to rip you apart point by point at all just discussing each part of it. Would be interested in some of your opinions or counter-points relating to it.


For the movement ability the “jumps” consume the stamina bars. The easier flight thing is because Screecher is able to turn faster/easier, and in general has a bit more control compared to Kraken.

For echolocation/soundwave the disorientation would be fuzziness and a small screen shake which is supposed to throw off the Hunter’s aim. And the notification isn’t supposed to be useless, as the soundwaves travel further past your smell range, and can potentially cover more distance. The disorientation would be an AoE around Screecher, but the actual soundwaves travel in a cone away from it.

For Dust Storm the blinding effect would be similar to them stepping into a heavy fog. The attack is in a cone (much like the Soundwaves) in front of Screecher, with the range and size growing based on ability rank.

For Grapple a single shot wouldn’t knock down a target, think of the legs having “mini health bars” that have to be depleted for him to be released. Mechanics wise I like the sound of holding down the button to keep the claws open, with the ability going on cooldown when you grab someone.