Monster idea Revisited


-Native humanoid creatures from the same planet as the monsters
-low health
-low armor
-standard strength
Move set
-Blind Fury
Controls 1 creature on shear
-level 1 can control 1 to 2 meats
-level 2 can control 3 meats
Level 3 can control 4 meats and higher
Fossilized Armor
-grants the use of goliath’s bones as armor for short period of time
-Cannon Rifle
Rifle that shoots a three round burst of energy with small AOE damage on the designated area
-Marksmen Rifle
Precise rifle that deals massive damage on direct hit at long ranges
-Stun blast
Aoe blast that disables further use of abilities that are specific to their class
-sneak can animate leaning on objects for cover


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