Monster Idea (Original title eh?)


So i Had an idea for a new monster (I’m sure you guessed).
Anyway I’ll do it kinda like a bio so that it’s simpler to read.

Name: Nephthys
Play Style: Fighter
Heatlh Bar: Around 1/4 less than Goliath
Armor Bar: 1/4 More than Goliath

Design: Basically a large Insect creature with 6 limbs, scythe-like appendages, and no eyes (just a rounded carapace on its head) Large mandibles.

Unique Traits:
(1)Creature cannot see very well, has a smaller vision range (Or perhaps enemies are blurred?
(2) Dash completely replaced with a ‘Focus’ ability, acts like a pulse that reveals enemies in full few and perhaps highlights them. *Consumes Stamina

(1) Ravage: The monster scuttles lightning fast in a line towards target area and grabs the first hunter it finds, the hunter is then pinned down for 3 seconds and is savagely attacked.

(2) Toxic Spray: The monster opens its wings wide and flaps downwards after a short telegraphed delay, sending out a spray of toxic gases that slow Hunters down and slow the heal rate of the medic. (Also deals minor damage over a short duration)

(3) Metamorphosis: The monster hunkers down and over 2 seconds transforms, it’s thorax expands and the mouth splits and grows wider (A green glow can be seen running along the thorax, like veins) The creature has entered permanent Focus (see all enemies) and is given a ranged acid spit. This ability replaces Ravage with a 6 shot barrage of acid. Only lasts 7 seconds.

(4) Screech: The monster screeches deep into the jungle instantly alerting all birds in the map and alerting the hunters to the monsters location (However they cannot tell the difference) This will confuse the hunters, The creature also gains a minor speed boost for 4 seconds after use.

I Realize that this may be incredibly underpowered/overpowered, but It was an idea that I had to write down :grin: Hope you guys like it. Feedback is always cool, what’s your ideas?


I believe they have several threads on this here is a link: What type of Monster would you like to see?


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