Monster Idea Name: Spectre


This is my second design forgot to post so here it is

Spectre is a shadowling althought big uses shadow attacks and soul drain but he is my own design so if there are any similar things to him i didnt know sorry and enjoy

Spectre basic attacks summon a shadow scythe in his hand for a few seconds and slash the target with a chance to infect them with nightmares (see ability 3 for info on nightmares)

Spectre has a bar above the health bar that is transparent when filled it allows Spectre to enter a transparent state but his outline is still visible he stays transparent for a set amount of souls he has in his soul bar he also breaks invis when he attacks when in transparency state it drains it slowly to fill the bar you have to feast

Spectre is an agile assasin i know another assasin just read closely Spectre is designed to be a kidnapper he uses soul mechanics and is very hard for the hunters to pin point his position so lets get started

spectres feasting mechanic is he looks like hes sucking the soul out of his victim but whenever he finishes feasting he leaves behind soul fragments which the hunters see as the monster which gives reaver time to postition himself

Spectres first ability is he drills through the air at blinding speeds to his target and partially drains their soul almost a channel ability he can still drain the soul while being hit once he finishes draining he soul bound the hunter to him which makes the hunter follow him hunter can fire but not move or jetpack

spectres Second Ability is he lets out a global shriek that all hunters will hear and get a pointer for 2 seconds in which direction spectre is once hes finished shrieking he lets out 3 small souls that attack and will draw the hunters attention

spectres third ability is he lets the nightmares within the hunters become vivid and clear which infects their mind blackening their screen but still able to see the nightmare makes them hear whispers in their ear and see shadowlings which arent real

Spectre Final ability is he emits a cloud of thick fog that covers a large area the fog gives spectre a good chance to turn the tide of the battle as in the fog he is empowered with extra damage and movement speed if this ability is used near large monsters it attracts them with a foul scent that make the monsters go frenzy and go rampaging

spectre looks like a big shadow being that has shifting air molecules inside it which allow it to change into a transparent being with a requirement of souls spectre has come from the underworld to analyze and destroy he is an unstoppable being filled with dark magic and once spectre gets your scent he will hunt you to the ends of the world althought small spectre is a shadowling dont underestimate him as you will regret it and one main reason hes come out of the underworld is to find his parents

Thank you for reading and good luck out there :smiley:


Aren’t there already some wildlife called reavers? Or we’re they cut, can’t remember. As for the ends of the Earth concept, it’s a good thing this doesn’t take place on Earth then XD.


Oh yeah forgot the monkey things will scrap the name XD


Also please stop posting these. Only post monster ideas on the already made monster idea form.

Don’t want to clog up the form eh?


Is this a repost ? Or a troll ?
It’s too close to the Wraith to be an original idea. Same design (assassin/shadow/dark powers…), almost copy/pasted Supernova (4th ability)… Even the name : “Spectre” is the french word for “Wraith”.

Maybe I didn’t get the joke… did I ?


Spectre is the french nam for the Wraith.