Monster idea: Mole/digger


The Mole is a monster that has a sort of hobble as it walks and has limited vision. Ability 1 Vibration: having limited vision is a big drawback for a monster. Therefore giving the monster the ability to have a sort of super vision balances that out. The monster would send out a pulse that reaches up to a certain distance based on the points put on this ability. It would allow it to sense all creatures and hunters in range of its pulse for a while after it is released and since each monsters ability has some sort of attack basis to them the pulse could throw hunters back and damage them if they are too close to the monster when the pulse is released.
Ability 2 earthquake: this move causes the ground surrounded the mole to erupt and shake and damage the hunters if they are on the ground. Points added to this ability could maybe extend the reach of this move, the power/intensity of it, or the duration of it. Maybe even all 3. This move is great for attack groups of creatures like trapjaw packs or bunched up hunters.
Ability 3 excavate: all other monsters have a move that helps them escape or catch up to hunters or creatures. With excavate the mole will be able to dig under ground for a period of time and move at a faster speed and come up and deal a hard hit and maybe on top of that have the hunter in a state the same as pounce would give.
Ability 4 barrage: the mole would give the hunters a tasty volley of earth projectiles thrown at them, shot off from the body of the mole, or released from its mouth. It could either be a continuous attack like a kind a machine gun would do or a once and done attack like a wave of arrows would do. Putting points on this ability could increase the size of the projectiles, the amount of projectiles, or the range of the projectiles
Any better name ideas, ability ideas, thoughts, or how the monster could look like please comment :slight_smile: thanks!


Already conceived (“The Velvet Worm” look it up), already deemed not possible.

Also, post this on one of the many monster idea threads please. Not as a new thread.


I searched up the velvet worm seems pretty identical to the wraith. I see that people say that it would be hard to do based off of technical problems but I could not find “what” could not be done or any abilities for the worm. Would you mind giving a link or name of thread that says what exactly it is that prevents them from making it or atleast one that shows its ability ideas. Thanks! @del009


It’s traversal (burrowing) and the way it’s body interacted with the enviorment. I can’t remember the name of the thread.