Monster idea, Hollow?


The monster i created is named Hollow, it could do with a better name.

Hollow would have a bark shell which has kind of attached to his skin, his body is then covered by twisting roots, vines and draping moss probably on shoulders and maybe the back, there will be chipping or cracks around his shell revealing skin mainly around his joints and around his eyes and mouth. His shape would resemble a tree, probably the same size as Goliath in each of his stages. it would be nice if he looked like the plant life of shear so he was able to hide away from the hunters.

His health and armour would be similar to Krakens possibly differing by 1 or 2 bars. his eating animation could be something like him absorbing the pray. in his speed i would image Goliath out running him with out his leaping ability but not by much, i feel like Hollows fast travelling would be something like roots he’d shoot out of his hands, attaching onto a surface and pull Hollow towards that surface (this could be used on rock wall faces if it was within distance as well as the ground).

Hollows abilities:

Vine grasp - pulling hunters or prey in closer, similar to Wraiths abduction and Behemoths tongue grap ( i am unsure of what distance for each stage)

Poison spray - Either being an AOE or directional like Goliaths flame breathe, hunters or pray caught inside of it will keep being dealt damaged but out of the poison will carry on being damaged for 4 -6 seconds.

Root wave - In an action Hollow would hit the ground with either his hands/arms or feet causing roots to go in a single direct (unsure of the distance, maybe like Behemoths fissure)

Thistle/Thorn trail - lasting 6 seconds a trail of thistles/thorns would be left behind Hollow, this could help him escape from hunters or be useful in combat, the trial would last 4 more seconds after the first 6 seconds of laying them down before the disappeared.

Give your thoughts on the idea.


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