Monster Idea :D


Monster Name: Fungus

Description: A monster of similar size of Goliath/Kraken, except a bit slower and has some interesting abilities.

Visual Look: Fungus would be a monster that is heavily covered in mushrooms and fungus, with deformed fingers and eyes, almost looking like it’s crying, and in constant pain; a type of mutation/parasite.


Mobility move: Mushrooms on Fungus’ feet launch it into the air briefly. This launches it in any direction. This move regenerates over time. Fungus can climb any surface.

Ability 1: Spore Cloud
A green cloud of smoke unleashes from Fungus’ body, lasting for 3 seconds and as Fungus moves around, it can spread the cloud of smoke around the whole area. If hunters enter the cloud of smoke, their vision is heavily reduced and they take devastating damage over time. (this is one of his longer cooldown moves)

Ability 2: Discharge
Fungus’ mushrooms on its arm act as a sort of cannon, allowing Fungus to aim and shoot globs of acidic liquid. Hunters hit by this are damaged and are slowed. (moderate cooldown)

Ability 3: Fungi Explosion
Fungus instantly expunges fungal gases from his body, damaging all nearby enemies and also slightly healing himself based on how many enemies he hit. (quick cooldown)

Ability 4: Sporelings
Fungus launches multiple small sporelings (a sort of bat-type monster) that home in on hunters through the air. If a sporeling should hit an enemy, it will stick to them, slow them and deal damage over time for the duration. Alternatively, a friendly hunter can shoot it off. Multiple sporelings can stick onto one hunter if none are near. (moderate cooldown)


Fungus is a slower, more technical character than Goliath. Fungus excels at dealing damage over time effects to the hunters as well as healing himself and outlasting them. If hunters are close to Fungus, he can unleash his cloud and explode, damaging all of them and inflicting damage over time. At a range, his Discharge move can prove very powerful. If hunters are running away, throwing Sporelings at them will work very well, since they deal damage and slow, as well as stack.

Playing against Fungus:

This is really a combination of staying at a distance and dodging his attacks. If sporelings come, you should shoot them off of your teammates, and once he uses Discharge, you all should spread out. Staying near the monster is better for Fungus, since it powers his self-heal. Take advantage of his slow nature and win!


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