Monster idea: Abyss (the real kraken)


I don’t know why kraken is a flyer and not a water creature.
I know they are not going to replace the kraken ,but i would still like to see a water creature in evolve .
So i started thinking and came up with a concept.

-when he is on land he loses health over time and when he is in the water he slowly regains health .
-He gains a speed buff while in the water and slows down to a crawl when not.
-While in the water he gains a good damage buff on his normal attacks.
(The more of his body that is in touch with the water the higher the regen and speed up is.)
-When in the rain he won’t get the water buff and neither recieve the land debuff.

-His rank 1 is a tiny little squid like creature.
He has no armor (at every rank) and very little health.
His normal attacks are very weak and he won’t even be able to solo 1 hunter
(ya kinda screwed when you are in rank 1)

-Rank 2
You are starting to look like an octopus kinda thingy.
your health is great and your normal attacks get lots more range (well ya tentacles grow kinda big now) and deal decent damage.

-Your rank 3 is a giant mass of bluber with tentacles sticking out beneath you.
Now you have an insane amount of health and your normal attacks get even more range with a nice lil’ addon:
Your normal attacks now send your enemies flying towords you (not like 1 hit and they fly in your mouth tho)

Movement ability : Submerge
Dive deeper into the deep water .

First ability: Water Spout
spray water to a target location dealing minor damage and create a puddle of water giving you the water bonus .
-the puddle is permanent and is shallow enough for hunters to walk through.
-you can smell everything in the water you are in even if it is out of the range of your smell ability.
When leveled increase the size of the puddle and decrease the cooldown.

Second ability: Into the Abyss
All water that is connected to you becomes deep water wich will gradually return to normal.
When leveled the puddle becomes even deeper and the cooldown decreases.

Third ability: Currents
-This one can only be activated when you are in the water.
-Everything that is connected to the waters you are connected with will be pulled towards you.
-The closer they are stronger the currents.
-when submerged you can even pull things with you underwater damaging them over time( the deeper they are the more damage they get).
When leveled the currents will become stronger(you can’t pull them underwater with currents on rank 1).

Fourth ability: Rain Storm
-Create rain clowds causing heavy rain reducing visibility for the hunters and giving you a portion of the water buff .
(you won’t take damage in the rain and can walk around decently)
When leveled increase the buff you gain from the rain(so it becomes closer to the actual water buff) and decrease the cooldown of the skill.

Let me know what you guys think about my rambling :smile:.


There’s like, no water. In any map. Well, I shouldn’t say no water, but there’s little water.


Yea good ideas but this monster would not be very viable on most maps.


I legit think there’s only 1 single map with enough water to even sustain a monster like this.



Post your idea on the already made monster idea thread.

Water monsters really will not be able to work, What happens when he is on another map with no water.

Movement ability- That won’t exactly get him away from hunters, if he starts with low health hunters can just camp the spot waiting to kill him when he emerges.

First ability- Eh its okay but it would have trouble working with terrain.

Second ability. Once again with maps without water this ability would be useless.

Third ability- No water= No ability

Fourth ability- What about maps with rain already on it?


I think a water monster would work…

If it made it’s own water. Like creating a sort of arena.


it makes water with its first ability so you can use the second and third ability
and the fourth ability gives water buff and normal rain not


So you need the first ability to actually use the other 2?

TRS makes it so all ability are usefull on their own, even better when combed with others.

If you need the first ability to use the other 2 then there would be difference. Every game you would pretty much have to go the same ability route.


Not really you just have to put 1 point in the rain storm or water spout to move around, how you level your abillities is up to you.
The whole idea of this monster was to make your “own” world and then fight the hunters.


For kicks and giggles.


But thats the thing. You shouldn’t HAVE to actually put a point in anything if you don’t want to. You should be able to choose.


You don’t have to pick this monster or those skills.
But you will probably die unless there is rain or a lot of water.


Exactly making it so unless there are certain circumstances it if forcing you to pick a certain type of move. Which is bad


This was the first thing that came into my mind too :slight_smile: