Monster Hunts Hunters


i´ve always thought the idea of the monster hunting the hunters was awesome.
even when the monster comes in stage 3 it always goes for the geni, so i never got the feeling of “getting hunted” as the hunters so how about there were some maps where there was no geni then the monster had to hunt down and kill the hunters.

Btw i´m new here so don´t be too harsh on the idea plz thank you


Well as a Goliath I do my fair share of stalking my prey…


So like how would a mode where the hunters are the hunted right from the get go look like? An escape mode where the hunters are attempting to flee the zone? I don’t know if that makes as much sense as you may like. The monster would have a power advantage yes? Stage 3 or whatever? That is why it would be the monster hunting the hunters right?

So, to offset that the hunter’s primary win condition would have to be something that would be easier to achieve than fighting off the monster with his power advantage. So it would be a mode where the hunters are entirely discouraged from fighting the monster, despite them being the ones that have the mobile arena, since the monster has the distinct power advantage. That doesn’t sound like fun to me.


I think he means a mode, or map where there simply no generator. :slight_smile: Which I think would be tons of fun!! It would be cool to have the Hunter’s be able to find a position where they want to hold up, or continue hunting the Monster. Would add lots of depth and choices for both sides.
My only issue with it, is that I feel like Hunter’s would seek out the cheesiest, most roachable, Hunter favored part of the map and hold up like it was a generator.


Are you forgetting about nest and rescue? I believe he meant what he said. He wants a mode where the “hunters can feel like the hunted”. I’m not sure how they would work myself. A simple hunt mode without a generator means that the hunters can just hide in separate corners of the map and then the monster could never kill all 4 hunters before the dropship respawn and he would eventually lose because of the timer.



He says “how about there were some maps where there was no geni.” As in generator. I’m not;

I was simply saying I think what he wanted was a map with no generator, but still Hunt. Nest and Rescue have different objectives, not generators, but still objectives. In Rescue the Monster only needs to kill colonists, no need to hunt the Hunters like the OP wanted. And in Nest the Monster just needs to keep his eggs safe, another objective. Pretty sure the OP simply wants a Hunt mode or map without a generator, like he said.


While it feels like a complete hamstring for S3 the generator is there for the monster player. As has been said before if there wasn’t an additional win condition the hunters would all just scatter to corners and run down the timer UNLESS they had permadeath enabled. I’d be all for that, would make things a lot more exciting…