Monster Hunter


I think it would be awesome to have a monster-like hunter. Instead of jetpacks the hunter can climb and has jump traversals. Both monsters and hunters have 4 abilities so this could possibly work. I think a tribal kind of dude from another world with 4 arms or something. Have him throw armor piercing spears (like a charged kinetic rifle with no charge and harder aim) a sword or some cool melee weapon would give him and awesome play style. The 3rd ability could be some kind of transformation where he turns like a werewolf does and gains 2 new abilities.


There are no sentient aliens in the Evolve universe besides humans and monsters, and the monsters are massive beasts that like destroying planets.


This is saying theyve exlored the entire universe which is literally impossible no matter how you look at it. And was this said by devs? Cause everyones screaming pacific rim which REQUIRES sentient beings. And even if they arent in that said universe, whos to say that someone came from a parallel dimension and happened upon us. You cant just say its not there cause u havnt seen it. Or do u still not believe in aliens irl?


What does pacific rim a movie in a complete different reality an universe have to do with evolves lore?


Im sayin people are calling it pacific rim… the only lore i know is what i hear in the game. And i still dont agree with the people who say this but im just saying that theres no way to tell unless the devs have said otherwise. And even still please tell me where sentient species come from and why they cant appear in evolves universe.


1: I don’t believe in aliens.

2: Yes, the Devs have stated that there are no other alien species that are sentient present in the game, nor will there ever be.


Truly disappointing… this makes me cry on the inside and laugh at your No 1. No offence but VERY small minded


And no other species…
Goliath: species type No 1.
Kraken: species type No 2.
Wraith: species type No 3.
Behemoth: species type No 4.
Your telling me that humans are creating these monsters and waging war against hub. This is the only theory that would explain everything and allow for TRS to put out more monsters while keeping their claims of “no aliens” . Otherwise it would be logically impossible for new monsters to be created and still say humans are the only sentient beings in the evolve universe.


Okay, rude. I don’t believe most things until they’re proven. Go show me a little green man on another floating rock in space and then I’ll believe it.

Second, it’s already been stated that the monsters are all the same species. So um. Yeah.

Also, no ones talking about human’s making them. You jumped to that yourself, bud.

They said it themselves, homey. I’m not making this up. It’s factual information straight from the Dev’s mouths- or should I say computers.


I never said u made it up lol i just said if thats what theyre saying then this is what i think. Duh i jumped to that conclusion because its what i think. Im just saying that your small minded thinking they dont exist because the possibility is still there weather you like it or not. Im not religious, logic tells me gods dont exist, but the possibility that they can exist is there. I said no offencd because thats still your belief and who am i to tell you your wrong?


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Ah yeah now that no monster/alien like hunters will be born ill just go cry in a corner. Ty for the info T.T


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Is slim not enough of a monster for you?


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