Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - General Discussion

If Nintendo wants me to buy a NX, put Monster Hunter on it…

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I’m ready to hunt cookie monsa

dangit I knew it was meaning some other monster I was trying to get to seregios for his g-rank armor xD

this… needs to happen… I will still buy the nx anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is Capcom doesn’t want to. They only Develop for the 3ds because “it’s Interesting”…

Whoops, I meant to say something else, I edited my post.

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Actually, this release was announced a while back, not on the Nintendo website, and the english names for these characters are…






Bushido Style is known as Adept Style in the English version, and the Variants are known as Deviants.

There’s some decent challenge in the Deviant monsters and some nice new armour sets/abilities to play with, but I hope they do eventually release a G version, need that G rank.

If you’re interested in some MHGenerations content, there are some good youtubers that have been covering it using MHX. I won’t link any speedrunner videos, but…

This is a playlist from Arekkz Gaming, pretty decent tutorials for the weapons in MHX. I prefer Gaijin’s because they have motion values, but Arekkz has been releasing them more consistantly, has most of the weapons covered, gonna be waiting a while on Gaijin. That and you can pick up tips from both of 'em and compare.

This is Gaijin Hunter, Monster Hunter is his thing. He’s done all kinds of content videos on MHX already, pretty informative. He also is slowly releasing weapon guides…

Between work and mixing up his content, making videos on things he knows about and feels like, it’ll take a while to complete his guide list but he is a good source for more specific changes from previous Monster Hunter games as well as between the new styles.

dang it :triumph:

First is the original announcement including some English names, second is a stream where they announced Malfestio’s name, if you were interested

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stop being better than me at researching! If you don’t stop I would be useless! (temporarily as I ran out of material for the jokes I make that aren’t funny -.-)

Sorry, I just wanna share Monster Hunter!

it was a joke

(oh no my horrible material is getting worse WHAT DO I DO!)

so uhh… you gonna be playin it?

just updated this topic now it is for MH in general cuz it can be!

Seriously amazing upscaremanship to present an image of cookie monster that is clearly scarier than the monster hunter monsters. His spilt milk attack makes them cry like babies.



Man i need more monster hunter in my life. But sony is dragging its ass D:

Going to be playing through Freedom unite soon. I just need time I’ve been so busy, I’ve watched a ton of gameplay for the monster hunters, glad I get to try it :smiley: .

Wait, is Monster Hunter X incomming?


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Only played Monster Hunter Tri. Was a great game, but today I prefere playing at PC. Need an other good Zelda to buy a new Nintendo.

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