Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - General Discussion

ok grammatically incorrect person!

who is ready to hunt this!
or this!
or this!
or this
or this! (how many times am I gonna use or this)
or this! (stop!)
or this! (people are going to get annoyed)


or this!! (god da*nit!)

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Sword-Tail Rex looks sick.

We don’t know his american name but in japan he’s called


That sounds like the name of like, a mob boss in the Pokemon world that’s obsessed with resurrecting fossils.

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One less “O” and it’s a terrifying Dino-Torvald

here is how I think the 3ds exclusives would look
tamamitsune gets no love cuz I could reformat him/her

Generations is the localisation of Cross, right?

Well, colour me surprised that Japan didn’t get MHXg first before we got MHGU.

Yes it is I am so happy

It has no ultimate :wink: I we might not get a g rank

[quote=“Maximumlimit15, post:32, topic:85585”]
It has no ultimate :wink: I we might not get a g rank
[/quote]Yeah. that’s what I was saying. Myself and a fair few other MonHun fans I know were all predicting that future titles would release similarly to 4g/4U. As in, the original game wouldn’t get localised, but there would be an expanded (g) edition of the game that would eventually get localised.

I’m actually kind of let-down that this isn’t the case, but more Monster Hunter in general is never a bad thing. I guess I’ll have ot stick to 4U for g rank… which I still actually need to unlock.

I unlocked it but I was so tired of farming I did little g and quit. The good armor sets are always annoying to get!

Good anything in MonHun tends to be annoying to get. I still have flashbacks of how long I spent farming Narga in MHFU for the Heavenly Scale I needed for his armour set. XD

If this wasn’t a Nintendo exclusive, I’d play it. Sadly that won’t ever happen.

cough cough I needed to farm cough cough silver cough cough

and @Shunty good you know that it will never happen cuz it won’t!


You don’t ever have to tag me. I see everything.


Nope, comes with being a Snow Leopard.

maybe I could get on in a little bit and help you :wink: after all I might be on par with your rank cuz I haven’t played mh4u in awhile

no deviljho tho :angry: you don’t know how many times I have seen people under geared and skilled try to face that monster of a monster

Ha, I may very well take you up on your offer. I’ve held off on gunning for G-Rank so far since, from what I’m lead to believe, you need an item for that, that you can only obtain after clearing the caravan quests. Which, I also still haven’t finished. XD

At Seregios, though. Want to try getting myself a dragon element bow, I just need a couple of Gore Magala Feelers, which I can never seem to get with my bow, since I can never seem to break his horns no matter how frequently I hit him in the head whilst he’s enraged.


I was gonna make this topic today actually (or rather, soon) ;-;

Anyways, I’m certainly excited for it :DDD I’ll get to play with my people again (we finished mh4u together [except me cause life sucks and I couldn’t finish with them and I’m slow as fuck on my own])

@Karuu @Tyrrell @Quirkly

can’t wait to play with you scrubs again