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I still haven’t tried to beat him but I really want the kinsect. I’ve just been to busy with warframe. I’ll probably stream myself fighting him when I get around to it.


Pro tip, sleep bomb his head with at least one other friend first thing to break horns, then return from mission. +30k from selling horns.


Not sure what I like better bow or bowgun… the explosive mine thingies that you plant with bow gun is super nice but the CD feels long and I also really like the dragon pierce thingy but it leaves you pretty vulnerable


Heavy Bowgun has entirely different special ammo as well. Either turns it into an LMG or an explosive sniper.


Just killed my first furry trex man that was a pain in the ass. Had a rathalos try to steal it from me near the end too

Man it is so satisfying getting off a dragon pierce as a long monster charges towards you

I was expecting Rathian to be a lot harder than it was.


Rathian is always super easy even though she’s the wife to King of the Skies. Tbh she’s more of an annoyance than a hard monster mainly due to her poison.


It would seem that once again Arch Tempered Teo brings nothing new to the table and is just all damage. I’m beginning to get concerned that damage is all that future content will revolve around.


Yeah my first attempt at killing a Rathian went super easy barely any damage taken, didn’t have to heal once. The Anja whatever though still is a pain in the ass.


Anjanath, right? Fire breathing T-rex lizard thing. It’s so derpy looking. I can’t wait to kill them all.


Anjanath is probably the first real challenge for most people.


After watching a video, I would say it looks that way. That fire is probably the first elemental damage you run into, right? Seems like the most basic, anyways. And I don’t think one would run into a Tobi Kadashi or Bazel before then.


Tobi is immediately before Anjanath, and Pukei Pukei is before that.


Forgot this existed not gonna lie.

That said, from what I’ve seen, Anjanath seems less annoying than Tobi since it’s like 3x faster than Anja. I’m obviously gonna defer to someone who has had practice with it. Just the first impression is that it looks less annoying.

(I have also seen the Tobi armor set, and it looks good as fuck. Happy that it is an early-ish monster.)


Tobi is easier, but usually more annoying, yes. Of course, I believe when I fought Tobi, I was using a Heavy Bow Gun, which made him even MORE annoying, because I couldn’t hit him at any sort of range.


And just soloed AT Teo. Cheesed him with Mega Barrel Bombs because I can’t be bothered to slog my way through the thoughtless BS that Tempered Monsters as a whole are. Got 2 tickets for one quest, though. Just 5 more and I’ve got all the tickets I need to get everything from the quest.



Every time I think it’s not paying attention to me the second I try to charge up an attack it’s jumping at me

Naw man anja’s got hops and tobi doesn’t hurt all that much. Also much easier to avoid tobi’s hits. I had like 0 problem with tobi.

Got my first diablos kill


What’s worse is unlike the other Arch tempered and even Behemoth his armor doesn’t really change things up, not even a little.


Ah nice! Diablos is super annoying imo because of his speed and aggressiveness. He’s not really hard once you see how easily you can dodge almost all of his attacks. Oh if you haven’t fought Rathalos yet I highly suggest taking flash bugs and flash bombs as he really likes to stay in the air.


Yeah he hits hard but he’s pretty easy to kill as a bow user.

I have fought him once during an expedition but I ran out of time cause he kept interfering with my Rathian hunt.

Paolumu’s are annoying as shit

Killed a Legiana that ice blight is annoying but fairly easy

Flying puffersquirrel is still a pain in the ass. Break it’s fat neck and both it’s wings and it still fuckin flys too damn much


Pieces of his armour set are really good for a Critical Element build, though. Just given how many levels of Critical Eye they give.