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Most likely not though I’d be all up for it if they did announce it, it’s not like a PvP game so cross platform with PC would be fine with me.


Me too. I’m fine with sledge carrying me lol.

Take the load off my friends back for awhile


Well, apparently a mate of mine on PS4 is able to play SFV with a mate of his on PC. So there’s a chance.

Also. Behemoth’s hitting August 2nd.


And after putting it off for ages I’ve finally beaten The Sapphire Star’s Guidance. oddly enough Teostra was the hardest Elder in that quest. Carted to him twice due to the same combo, his roar to this minimal-build-up explosion he does. Basically a one-shot I could do nothing about. Due to this, ended up finishing off Nergy by cheesing him with Bombardier, Mega Barrel Bombs and farcasters when he reached the limping stage. Didn’t want to take chances at that point. XD

Still, got the Research Commission Tickets so I’m gonna upgrade my Lunastra SnS and update my support set.


Damn, I haven’t even gotten that far ;-;


Okay, so with the Warrior of Light package we got a day or two ago I was able to finish altering my support build, so for anyone interested this is what it looks like now.

Empress Edge “Styx” - Augmented with 1 Slot Upgrade and gemmed with 1 Shield Jewel and 2 Ironwall Jewels
Shadow Shades Alpha - Gemmed with 3 Vitality Jewels
Bazel Mail Beta - Gemmed with 2 Friendship Jewels
Vaal Hazak Braces Beta - Gemmed with 3 Fungiform Jewels
Empress Coil Alpha - Gemmed with 2 Blast Jewels
Vangis Greaves Beta - Gemmed with 1 Gobbler Jewel and 1 Ironwall Jewel
Friendship Charm III

This set-up gives me:
Guard Lv. 5
Wide-Range Lv. 5
Health Boost Lv. 3
Blast Attack Lv. 3
Speed Eating Lv. 3
Mushroomancer Lv. 3
Tool Specialist Lv. 2
Stun Resist Lv. 1
Peak Performance Lv. 1
Guard Up
Razor Sharp/Spare Shot

I’m also considering making myself an insect glaive set and am wondering just how to go about that. Right now my glaive of choice is Taroth Glaive “Ice” for its pretty decent natural white sharpness, lack of an element without free element and a level 3 slot for the elementless jewel I plan to use. Now, I assume that skills like Airborne and Mounting Master are pretty much standard in any Glaive set so I should probably aim to get both of them, and I also imagine that Power Prolonger and Earplugs also come highly suggested, as well. Is there anything else I should be considering?


What’s this?


Was a login package we got a day or two ago that gave us a few free decorations. I can’t remember all of them, but one was an Ironwall Jewel (Guard) and one was a Fungiform Jewel (Mushroomancer), it was that Ironwall Jewel that let me finish altering my S’n’S support set.


Laughs as he falls to his knees with his arms raised in victory.

And after trudging through the utter tedium that end-game Monster Hunter is known for I have FINALLY acquired the two gems I’ve been after since picking out the armour pieces for my main set. it’s been a pretty frustrating road to get to this point, but I can finally share my completed set.

Literally any bow, this is a fairly versatile set.
Kadachi Helm Alpha
Nergigante Mail Beta: Gemmed with a Refresh Jewel, Lv. 1 slot
Death Stench Grip Beta: 2 Lv. 1 slots
Dober Coil Beta: Gemmed with a Forceshot Jewel
Lavasioth Greaves Beta: Gemmed with a Mighty Bow Jewel
Fitness Charm

This setup gives me:
Constitution Lv. 5
Stamina Surge Lv. 3
Dragon Resistance Lv. 2
Focus Lv. 2
Normal Shots
Spread/Power Shots
Bow Charge Plus
3 Lv. 1 utility slots

Not gonna be getting any good speedruns with this set, but I’ve found some pretty good success with it even before getting the third level of Stamina Surge and the Normal Shots skill. I’m now pretty much after weapon augments. Woots!


Nice! Now you can go hunt Behemoth tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, depending on the kinds of players I come across I may very well end up running my tank or support set.


Damn Behemoth is insane and very hard to beat but i hate that we only got a 1 Weapon whit him

i also really hope that we will get a new non elder Dragon anytime soon the only normal DLC Monster we got so far was the angry Pickles

Deviljho is still my fav. DLC Monster because of his unique Weapon, Gameplay and because he can be at every Map :slight_smile: i also love the Deviljho Hammer and Lance


What’s even worse from my perspective as an Insect Glaive user is that the Glaive isn’t even that good. It’s good looking and has okay sharpness but element boost is bleh. While it has high elder seal along with the dragon element it doesn’t beat Jho’s high elder seal Glaive which has way more dragon element iirc. Overall I’d say it’s worse than the choices we already have with endgame Glaives.


Crossover monster that is best dealt with using teamwork. Only rewards one class with a weapon. Makes sense


I just looked and the Kinsect you get as a reward is really good, I think at least. I’ll update this when I get home so I can compare it with one of the best kinsects.


i finally defeat Behemoth because i was playing whit 2 Friends only whit no Randoms. Damn this beast is stressful but fun to fight

I hv killed him 3 times already but 2 times the Quest failed because of his final attack :
in 1 Game it failed because the last comet was in a corner so u cant hide behind it and the other game it failed because Behemoth destroyed all Comets in the final phase because of randoms

Damn all of this hard Work just for a Poogie Outift and Palico Armor xD i didnt care about the other things because i didnt play whit the glaive and i only play as the handler so i didnt need the Armor :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a great DLC but sadly not really good for grinding Deviljho is still my fav. DLC :slight_smile:


No preload on pc…


OMG Rathalos is in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a Assist Trophy and Stage Boss O.O Finally Monster Hunter make his way into smash :slight_smile:


Damn it! I just got so close, myself and one other person got Behemoth to his last resort Ecliptic Meteor and the only comet we had at our disposal was right against a wall, so we couldn’t use it. Still, we got his tail and the limited bounty to kill Behemoth out of it, so it’s not all bad, I suppose.

If anyone’s wondering, the Gunlance is actually very effective against him, I was able to pull enmity and hold it fairly frequently thanks to my weapon’s Lv. 4 Wide shells, Wyrmstake and Wyvern Fire (doing well over 400 damage to his head when I got him with that shit) And not only that, my basic shells were doing nearly 70 damage a pop (Thank you, Artillery) still, I know that myself and this other guy can get Behemoth to that stage, now it’s just a case of perfecting it. xP


Meanwhile Square sleep cluster bombs with his friends to Victory.