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Ahh, yes. Sleepbombing is one of the series’ more delicious strats.


XD it does do some burst. Barrel bombs hit for 180 without bombadier. 8 bombs =1,440

On top of that we all made the lunestra xeno HBG, which can fire all 3 clusters, and with expanded clip you can hold all but 1 of your cluster 3s, in the clip ready to shoot.

One cluster 3 breaks into 5 pieces that deal around 75 each. =375 per shot.

Cluster 2 breaks into 4 for around 60 each. =240

Cluster 3 breaks into 3 for around 45 each. = 135 however these are usually reserved to craft into lvl 3s.

Kirin wakes up pretty quickly but you can usually land 2-3 guarenteed clusters, most times more. So in a worst case scenario (2 bombs, only 2 clusters-no razor sharp activating) your personal damage for that would be 1,110
Best case scenario (realistically) ( 2 bombs, 5+ cluster 3 from razor sharp) would be 2,235
Multiplied by 4 teammates = 8,940!

Almost 9k damage, in about… Half the time it took for monster to shit himself. XD

And then put him back to sleep again within a few seconds because all four of us have sleep 1 and 2 XD


mmm, that is some delicious damage right there.
Yeah, I would go for something more efficient but Tempered Kirin as a whole is way more trouble than that’s worth. So Bombadier/mega barrel bombs all the way! XD


I really think My Character looks Perfect now :stuck_out_tongue: ( Maybe i only need to change the eyebrowns a bit )

Sadly i cant change my Name to make it more perfect i hope it will be added in another Edit Voucher anytime soon

And yeah i kinda get confused when i watch the cutscenes in the Gallery xD


clears throat and puts on best action-movie-trailer-narrator voice “Finally tiring of being useless and almost constantly becoming monster-food The Handler clones herself. Coming soon for a theatre near you, Monster Hunter: Handle This!”


Boi that’s the Zinogre skeleton!!


click Noice


I get some Evolve Flashbacks when im thinking about Behemoth


So after some rounds again against Lunastra i really must say i found my new Most hated Monster to fight against
this thing is so unfun to fight even more as Tempered Kirin

I love fighting against Teostra but Lunastra just no

I really hope Behemoth will be more fun to fight against like Deviljho or Kulve Taroth

and yeah Lulve Taroth is back :slight_smile:


I find Lunastra fun to fight but not if you’re farming her over and over again.


I think the thing with Lunastra is that you pretty much require a fireproof mantle to be able to keep up the pressure, since flashpods don’t stop her variation of supernova you have a scant number of windows to really go all out.


Yes and no, it is like what they did with MH U 3, where they grab all the assets and sort of round them up into a single file… So its everything up to a point