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Ahh, yes. Sleepbombing is one of the series’ more delicious strats.


XD it does do some burst. Barrel bombs hit for 180 without bombadier. 8 bombs =1,440

On top of that we all made the lunestra xeno HBG, which can fire all 3 clusters, and with expanded clip you can hold all but 1 of your cluster 3s, in the clip ready to shoot.

One cluster 3 breaks into 5 pieces that deal around 75 each. =375 per shot.

Cluster 2 breaks into 4 for around 60 each. =240

Cluster 3 breaks into 3 for around 45 each. = 135 however these are usually reserved to craft into lvl 3s.

Kirin wakes up pretty quickly but you can usually land 2-3 guarenteed clusters, most times more. So in a worst case scenario (2 bombs, only 2 clusters-no razor sharp activating) your personal damage for that would be 1,110
Best case scenario (realistically) ( 2 bombs, 5+ cluster 3 from razor sharp) would be 2,235
Multiplied by 4 teammates = 8,940!

Almost 9k damage, in about… Half the time it took for monster to shit himself. XD

And then put him back to sleep again within a few seconds because all four of us have sleep 1 and 2 XD


mmm, that is some delicious damage right there.
Yeah, I would go for something more efficient but Tempered Kirin as a whole is way more trouble than that’s worth. So Bombadier/mega barrel bombs all the way! XD


I really think My Character looks Perfect now :stuck_out_tongue: ( Maybe i only need to change the eyebrowns a bit )

Sadly i cant change my Name to make it more perfect i hope it will be added in another Edit Voucher anytime soon

And yeah i kinda get confused when i watch the cutscenes in the Gallery xD


clears throat and puts on best action-movie-trailer-narrator voice “Finally tiring of being useless and almost constantly becoming monster-food The Handler clones herself. Coming soon for a theatre near you, Monster Hunter: Handle This!”


Boi that’s the Zinogre skeleton!!


click Noice


I get some Evolve Flashbacks when im thinking about Behemoth


So after some rounds again against Lunastra i really must say i found my new Most hated Monster to fight against
this thing is so unfun to fight even more as Tempered Kirin

I love fighting against Teostra but Lunastra just no

I really hope Behemoth will be more fun to fight against like Deviljho or Kulve Taroth

and yeah Lulve Taroth is back :slight_smile:


I find Lunastra fun to fight but not if you’re farming her over and over again.


I think the thing with Lunastra is that you pretty much require a fireproof mantle to be able to keep up the pressure, since flashpods don’t stop her variation of supernova you have a scant number of windows to really go all out.


Yes and no, it is like what they did with MH U 3, where they grab all the assets and sort of round them up into a single file… So its everything up to a point


Welp, after putting it off for ages simply because I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it I finally went and beat No Remorse, No Surrender. And I didn’t really struggle al that much. Then again, I think I got lucky with both Teo and Luna zoning. There were only one or two times they were both in the same zone together and even when that happened Luna ended up zoning not long after Teo decided to show up.


Damn, guess we’ll have to wait longer than expected…


To be fair, it’s not really a delay when we didn’t have a solid date to start with. The date the guy in that vid is talking about is one he speculaed was the most likely date for the Behemoth to release.


Eh I know. Just was saying we’d have to wait longer than expected.


Okay, some news for PC players that may not be aware of it. Details will be dropping July 9th, including a release date, distribution platform and minimum specs.




And for anyone still unaware the PC release is literally one month from now on August 9th. And as stated in the trailer additional free content is planned for after launch.

I’d wager that Behemoth’s release will happen shortly after the game launches on PC.

EDIT: Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild has been announced and described as “A brand new, 3D animated special” looks like we’re gonna be getting a real Monster Hunter Movie.

EDIT II: And here’s a video with some info.


I don’t suppose this MHW will be cross platform?