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Is Lunastra immune to flash bombs? I’ve been shooting them a few times when she’s flying and she won’t fall. Does anyone know this so I know if I’m messing up or if she’s just immune to them.

Edit: also does anyone know what Elder seal does to her since she doesn’t have a fire aura?


yeah i really think she is immune i hv try it so many time and she never fall

wasted 50 of my Flash Bombs for nothing because of Lunastra

R.I.P My 50 Flash Bombs 2018 - 2018 :frowning:


I think a few times I’ve done it I’ve seen her flinch but I’m not sure if it’s the flash bombs or something else.


One of the things I hate the most about Lunastra is that to upgrade her weapons to their one of three full potentials you need something called a Comission ticket or something. I’m not sure what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s annoying to get. Anyone know how to get those?


Its from a Quest u will if u have finished all optional Quest in the Game But it is a very hard to Quest u need to do whit 3 other players


Really? Ugh! I don’t even know how to unlock all of the side quests ;-;


It’s a lot of busy work. You have to have captured all the monsters and have 15 up to research lvl 6 and a few other things I believe to unlock all the optionals.


I have 2 versions of the mission where you can get those tickets, I can solo those missions for you if you play on ps4, message me if you still need tickets.


She is not immune to flash pods, they just have a different effect on her. Instead of knocking her down in the air or causing confusion they just stun her for a few seconds.


Nah I’m not in that much of a rush to get them, plus I don’t play PS4 I play Xbone

I thought so so it wasn’t something else stunning her when I was flash bombing her!


Finally finished all the optional missions. Ground them out so I could do the white winds of the new world quest. And now that I got a research commission ticket from said quest, I could make my lunastra/xeno HBG.

It’s a beast. It fires sleep 1-2 and clusters 1-3. And with perks I can hold almost all of it in the clip for no reloading, plus a 30 % chance not use ammo. On top of that damage dealt to weak spots is increased by 30% and shots that hit weakspots also have 30% increased affinity.

Plus a bunch of small perks that either help a bit or not at all. (For example lvl 1 handicraft on my HBG lol)

Doesn’t include the wyvern snipe lead in.


great i hv finished all too but i was happy that my Friends has make the Quest whit me before i hv finished all optional Quest because i really wanted the Hander Armor ( on female character ) :slight_smile:
But i really must say i didnt like the Lunastra Armor and Weapons so much its cool that the Weapons has a Ability but i think the Kulv Taroth Weapons are still better because u can get 30+ defense whit them my Taroth Paolumu Switch-Axt can deal insane explosion damage

and i kinda hate that they are recoloured weapons again for me the Deviljho Weapons are still the best DLC weapons from design :stuck_out_tongue:


Welp, here I am again with another build of mine I like to call The Wall! Truth be told it’s just a tank lance build, but I like to think I’ve done a pretty good job of putting my own spin on it.

Taroth’s Crest “Water” - slotted w/ Mind’s Eye Jewel
Shadow Shades Alpha - slotted w/ 3 Vitality Jewels
Brigade Suit Beta slotted - w/ Shield Jewel & Elementless Jewel
Dober Vambraces Beta - slotted w/ 2 Ironwall Jewels
Vangis Coil Alpha - Slotted with Steadfast Jewel
Death Stench Heel Beta - slotted with 2 Protection Jewels
Ironside Charm III

This setup gives me:
Guard Lv. 5
Health Boost Lv. 3
Handicraft Lv. 3
Divine Blessing Lv. 3
Srun Resistance Lv. 2
Latent Power Lv. 1
Stamina Surge Lv. 1
Mushroomancer Lv. 1
Mind’s eye/Ballistics
Guard Up
Non-elemental Boost

There’s a skill or two there I won’t get any use out of, but I feel give still gives me some decent staying and stopping power.


There is no way you can make me believe that the theory running around that Lunastra is glitched and is always tempered isn’t true now. Literally one hit from her and I’m half health, that’s not hard that’s cheap if she’s not really tempered. I could care less if Lunastra is meant to be harder than Teo even though I think they should both be equal in strength but she shouldn’t be able to outdamage most of the monsters in the game that’s just outrageous. Have the devs commented on this yet?

Also I finally got her gem but it’s bittersweet since I don’t feel like I earned it through a fair fight I feel I got it as a reward from fainting two times and almost fainting a third cause she does bullshit damage.


If anyone wants help with anything and plays on ps4 feel free to message me anytime.


Here we go, cheesing the Arch Tempered Kirin. Crappy editing inbound, mostly done just because I could. Aside from some stupid mistakes due to bad positioning on my part he wasn’t really any worse than the Tempered Kirin. Which is to be expected, really.


Me and some buddy’s just sleep bomb the crap out of him lol. He can’t kill you if he’s asleep haha


Ahh, yes. Sleepbombing is one of the series’ more delicious strats.


XD it does do some burst. Barrel bombs hit for 180 without bombadier. 8 bombs =1,440

On top of that we all made the lunestra xeno HBG, which can fire all 3 clusters, and with expanded clip you can hold all but 1 of your cluster 3s, in the clip ready to shoot.

One cluster 3 breaks into 5 pieces that deal around 75 each. =375 per shot.

Cluster 2 breaks into 4 for around 60 each. =240

Cluster 3 breaks into 3 for around 45 each. = 135 however these are usually reserved to craft into lvl 3s.

Kirin wakes up pretty quickly but you can usually land 2-3 guarenteed clusters, most times more. So in a worst case scenario (2 bombs, only 2 clusters-no razor sharp activating) your personal damage for that would be 1,110
Best case scenario (realistically) ( 2 bombs, 5+ cluster 3 from razor sharp) would be 2,235
Multiplied by 4 teammates = 8,940!

Almost 9k damage, in about… Half the time it took for monster to shit himself. XD

And then put him back to sleep again within a few seconds because all four of us have sleep 1 and 2 XD


mmm, that is some delicious damage right there.
Yeah, I would go for something more efficient but Tempered Kirin as a whole is way more trouble than that’s worth. So Bombadier/mega barrel bombs all the way! XD