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What’s left on the leak list?


Oroshi Kirin and Alatreon. Which I’m pretty sure are the last two.


Ehhhh, I hope they aren’t. Give me my baby Lagiacrus.


They turned him into Jyuratodus, iirc.


Well that leak list is prior to the game’s release, so it’s likely that the dlc monsters on that list were mostly complete before launch but they weren’t able to finish them before the deadline.

EDIT: Some more info on the additional stuff coming soon.


OMG on the 6th of june we will finallly be able to buy the Character Edit Voucher i was waiting so long i can finally update my Handler or try to mke myself again :smiley:


Welp, just a note for everyone who may not know. The Elder Melder decoration pool skips almost definitely seem to be going in a rotation of 1, 1, 2. It’s been a fairly time consuming endeavor, but I’d say it’s worth knowing where you are on the skips just in case you feel like sniping a particular decoration. I’ll likely be seeing if tempered monster decoration drops follow the same rules soon.


Decorations is what I need to grind out the most. Never seem to get the ones I want while I have like 15 dragon element jewels lol


Disgusting, to say the least.


Patch 4.0 is live on PS4.


Is the event live?


The special event is live, talk to the Huntsman to start it up!


So, uhh, is it just me, or is Lunastra’s variation of Supernova unstoppable?


I haven’t seen her do it yet but I just finished the arena part so I’m going to hunt her and Teo now. Also even if it is a slightly edited version of Teo’s theme I’m glad they gave her her own theme.


Just finished it. I hated it so much! Not because it was hard but because it was annoying and felt like a chore. Everywhere Lunastra would go Teo would go so I had to fight them together almost the entire hunt which was super annoying. The quest itself was fun other than the fact that again, TEO FOLLOWED HER EVERYWHERE.


Did they say anywhere that they tuned monster AI? Monsters are actually following me out of zones now which I’ve never had happen before.


If a monster enrages they follow you till they calm down.

I haven’t fought lunostra yet but I’m annoyed at the people complaining that it’s a reskin. Complaining about free content is idiotic when that free content is meaningful. Those new effects, models, music and animations take money to make. Add in the fact that they’re making no extra money off it and it comes across as entitled.

Oh, and to those who don’t know, the music from the elder dragons trailer is part of the OST but simply isn’t played in the game. It’s called “pride of a nameless hunter” and I assume it’ll be played when we fight alatreon.


I’ve actually never had that happen to me until today and I’m not lying. Also Alatreon’s theme will most likely be a remix and not that. Also I’m pretty sure “Pride of a Nameless Hunter” plays at the end of the game during the credits.


I mean as a final phase sort of thing. Like the awesome “dragonator” moments throughout the series, where the music switches. Something more epic seems fitting for the final send off for support for world (content wise).


They might make a new one as well. I’m hoping that we’ll have the final “monster has 25% health left” theme for each special elder dragon and it’s unique for each one. Think Amatsu how it has its own version of the hunt end theme.